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None of us were born with a dumbbell in our hands, but we all fell in love with fitness at different points of our journey and it just so happened to transform our lives. With this passion, our enthusiasm for feeling fit, strong and healthy is often contagious.

Our aim is simple, to inject enjoyment into exercise, by taking a back-to-basics approach. We don’t promote dieting fads or gimmicks. Our common sense view is that working up a sweat regularly and giving some thought to what you eat, will change your life in the long term. You will receive heaps of motivation along the way and understand how best to train your body. And most importantly, we want you to look forward to each session, so there will be plenty of variety, just to keep you on your toes.

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I cannot rate MotivatePT more highly. As someone who is fairly exercise-adverse, I thought that they would find me to be quite a challenge! Yet they have been able to motivate me to achieve truly exceptional results. Right from my very first meeting, my trainer looked at my motivations, helped to set me goals and guided me on a journey that has completely changed the way that I think and feel about my health and wellbeing. I have not only lost over 5 stone, but I have kept it all off and am now slimmer than I was in my twenties! MotivatePT approach personal fitness in a totally unique and engaging manner that has kept me thoroughly committed every step of the way. The quality of their trainers together with their thorough commitment to their clientele is absolutely first class.
Lorenzo Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, LBi
“Within a week of starting my program with MotivatePT, it became very clear to me that my previous attempts to get fit not only lacked consistency, but also lacked direction. My personal trainer has been able to push me in a way that I never did when working out on my own. He has kept me focused, committed and accountable and this has been key in helping me stick to my program. I know I would not have achieved this on my own. I have already lost over 3 stone and friends and colleagues have all commented on the new me. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending MotivatePT to anyone who has tried to lose weight before and struggled. The guidance, support and motivation they offer is absolutely superb and they deserve every credit.”
Hilary Doyle, Airline Manager
Working with MotivatePT has been brilliant. My trainer has been incredibly flexible, always accommodating of my busy schedule, whilst at all times remaining highly supportive and committed to helping me to achieve my fitness goals. The sessions have ensured I work much harder than I would have on my own, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the variations we have week to week, which has really kept me motivated. I have seen a vast improvement in my health, successfully dropping over 15 kilos, and my trainer has given me the necessary skills to maintain this. I would recommend MotivatePT to anyone looking to lose weight in a highly effective, safe and encouraging way.
N Ahmed, General Practitioner
From my very first meeting with MotivatePT they inspired me with complete confidence. My trainer was knowledgeable, helpful and totally professional and he delivered exactly what he promised. I have lost a stone in just 6 weeks and have seen a huge inch loss in my waist. I have boosted my fitness levels ten fold and feel one hundred times better. The personal training sessions are great fun and I would recommend MotivatePT without reserve. If they can do this for me, they can do this for anyone!
Victoria Castle, Accountant & Mum-Of-Three
MotivatePT have the unique ability to push me into achieving what I would never have managed on my own. Even on days when exercise is the last thing on my mind, my trainer is able to motivate me through my workout – after which I always feel so much better! I have tried gyms and other personal trainers in the past and nothing has come close to what you offer. Your organisation’s professionalism coupled with your passion for what you do is truly contagious. I would recommend your company to anyone serious about losing weight and transforming their health.
Mike Phillips, Head of Specialist Markets, AXA
Right from the outset MotivatePT impressed me with their professionalism, knowledge and service delivery. Using both the indoors and outdoors, sessions are highly varied, incorporating everything from 5k runs to circuits to kettlebells and boxercise. In just a short space of time my fitness has increased tremendously. My trainer can always sense when I need an extra push and keeps me on track with a mixture of discipline, encouragement and humour. Incredibly motivational trainers that I’d be more than happy to recommend.
Jeremy Knowland, Citi Private Bank