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We help individuals and companies, to make working out a part of their working week.

Client Stories

After a long struggle with finding gyms dull I decided to give personal training a go and Motivate PT were recommended to me. As soon as I had my first taster session I knew I’d stick with it as the one to one training was addictive!

Charlotte Downham

Once a week it is so nice to get out of the office and exercise – it relieves stress and helps motivate me in the office as well.… There has been a bond that forms, that positively impacts work across the building.

Christina Mazurowski
Sr Recruiter / RG/A

I’m feeling fitter, stronger and full of life! Not bad for a female in her mid-40’s who was out of shape and condition! Then I approached MotivatePT– what a difference my personal trainer has made!

Amanda Laubscher

MotivatePT are amazing – they deliver high energy high impact training sessions with great personal service. They can get you up and exercising anywhere and make sure you understand how to get the most out of your body. I would highly recommend them.

Bethany Parsons

Having trained for years i knew there was something more required to break my fitness plateau, MotivatePT was the key!  A few sessions in with a very competent instructor I noticed my fitness increase.

I would have no hesitation in recommending MotivatePT to anyone who has tried to lose weight before and struggled or just need a boost to get fitter. The guidance, support and motivation they offer is second to none.

Serj Padden
Green Park

Felt energised for the day and more awake than if I’d woken up an hour later and drunk a large costa with a triple shot. Very enjoyable and super glad we’d done it once we were back in the office. A good level of fun and well balanced so everyone could take part with different levels of fitness.

Sam Winter
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Why we exist

We are often asked why we chose to leave our budding City careers to run MotivatePT. The truth is, our hearts are in fitness and we found everyday was becoming a losing battle between exercise and our hectic London life.

Fitness empowers people to live a great everyday. It is about more than just body transformations.

It helped us to de-stress, stay mentally focused, and boosted our happiness levels. We decided it was time to help create a solution, because everyone should have the time to look after their body, no matter now busy life is. And so the mantra was born – Train Anywhere, Anytime.

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