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All of our clients want to prioritise their health and fitness but find that there are barriers in the way. For many, a lack of time in the week, due to busy careers and family life is an obstacle. Some clients struggle with finding the motivation, and don’t know where to start. Many clients simply hate the gym and want to choose a more inspiring environment.

MotivatePT are here to help. We break down your barriers by training you anywhere, anytime and most importantly, in a tailored way to get you the results you want. Our team are highly skilled and motivational and will work alongside you at every stage of your fitness journey. We will ensure, that working out and eating healthy seamlessly becomes a part of your working week.

To reach your personal goals and become body confident, get in touch today and start training this week.

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I cannot rate MotivatePT more highly. As someone who is fairly exercise-adverse, I thought that they would find me to be quite a challenge! Yet they have been able to motivate me to achieve truly exceptional results. Right from my very first meeting, my trainer looked at my motivations, helped to set me goals and guided me on a journey that has completely changed the way that I think and feel about my health and wellbeing. I have not only lost over 5 stone, but I have kept it all off and am now slimmer than I was in my twenties! MotivatePT approach personal fitness in a totally unique and engaging manner that has kept me thoroughly committed every step of the way. The quality of their trainers together with their thorough commitment to their clientele is absolutely first class.
Lorenzo Wood, Chief Innovation Officer, LBi
“After a long struggle with finding gyms dull I decided to give personal training a go and Motivate PT were recommended to me. As soon as I had my first taster session I knew I’d stick with it as the one to one training was addictive! The diverse range of exercises gives you a chance to try everything and not knowing what’s lined up for your next session keeps it interesting! Aside from the exercise the meal plan and nutritional side of getting fit is completely tailored to you as an individual and keeps you on track when you’re not training. My personal trainer kept me entertained throughout and even when I thought I was going to collapse, I’d nearly always have a smile on my face!”
Charlotte Downham, Tooting Bec Common
Working with MotivatePT has been brilliant. My trainer has been incredibly flexible, always accommodating of my busy schedule, whilst at all times remaining highly supportive and committed to helping me to achieve my fitness goals. The sessions have ensured I work much harder than I would have on my own, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the variations we have week to week, which has really kept me motivated. I have seen a vast improvement in my health, successfully dropping over 15 kilos, and my trainer has given me the necessary skills to maintain this. I would recommend MotivatePT to anyone looking to lose weight in a highly effective, safe and encouraging way.
N Ahmed, General Practitioner
LOVED the session!! Thank you @motivatept_uk!! #highlyrecommended
Kavita Sood, Accountant
This mornings workout with MotivatePTwas great and I am feeling refreshed. Our PT was very friendly, entertaining and knew their stuff!
Roddy Taylor, F Sharp
Energised for the day ….. Felt more awake than if I’d woken up an hour later and drunk a large costa with a triple shot. Ate a lot more at lunchtime
Sam Winter, Bulb