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personal-trainer-londonWhat is Mobile Personal Training?

Mobile Personal Training has now become one of the biggest crazes to hit London and one of the largest growing sectors in the Health and Fitness industry. And to us, it completely makes sense! What we have found with many of our new clients, is that gym memberships were just not proving to be effective for them, nor convenient to their work-life schedule – and it boils down to our 3 key observations:

  1. Finding the time to work-out in your busy schedule can be difficult enough, let alone when you factor in the commute to a gym and back. A high proportion of gym users throw away a workout largely due to the effort and energy it takes in just getting there!
  2. A high number of gyms tie you in to rigid, monthly memberships which mean if you are out of the country, or simply not using their services as much, you will still be paying the same amount as you would if you were to go regularly. This just does not make sense and to many, the lack of pricing flexibility is just not conducive to their lifestyle.
  3. Gyms in London can be overcrowded, especially at peak times, and therefore quite uninspiring to train well in. Furthermore, you do not receive the attention and guidance many of clients require to achieve their fitness goals, meaning that your gym visits are simply not time nor cost effective.

MotivatePT, and its mobile personal training services, successfully eradicate all of the above issues, by offering the following benefits:

1. We offer complete Flexibility and Convenience to You

  • Our expert personal trainers come to you and are able to train you either at your home, your workplace, or even outdoors in a local park. We have trained clients in some of the larger parks in London such as Green Park, both on a one-to-one or group basis, so no challenge is too great for us.
  • Our trainers are on hand to train you at a time that suits you and to be as accommodating as possible, we train clients from as early as 6.00am should they wish to train before work, to as late as 10.00pm in the evening, on any day of the week (including weekends). Through this approach, we have been able to cater to some of our busiest clients in London.
  • By purchasing a block of sessions in advance, you are able to book each session one at a time, whenever it works for you. So it could vary from 3 sessions a week, to no sessions in a month should you be away for business or pleasure!
  • Our expert trainers bring all the fitness equipment required for each and every 1-hour session, based on your goals and that particular workout that week. This could range from boxing pads and gloves, dumbbells, yoga matts, skipping ropes, medicine balls, and so many more. We aim to constantly challenge you and to vary your workouts each week so you never lose interest and, most importantly, your progress does not tail-off!

2. You are guided by Highly-Qualified & Experienced Personal Trainers

  • Your training programme will be shaped entirely around your fitness goals, your current ability, your motivations and your expected schedule. This means each and every workout will be specifically tailored to you, and you will receive the personalised, 1-to-1 attention you require to really push on and achieve your goals quickly.
  • All our trainers at MotivatePT have been carefully chosen over the years, and go through a rigorous selection process based on their knowledge, PT experience and personality. First and foremost, all our trainers must be industry-qualified at REPS III or above, in order to uphold with our high standards of expertise, meaning we only take on the very best.
  • Our team of friendly, approachable and engaging trainers are also on-hand to offer ongoing support, and tips on nutrition and workouts you can follow on your own in between our sessions. This means, you can continue to make progress even when we are not there!
  • Finally, our personal trainers also have further specialisms and professional developments, meaning we can cater to clients with more specific requirements or preferences. Whether you want to burn fat, tone up, improve your core strength, get fit after pregnancy, get in shape with boxing, or train for a sports event like the marathon, we have a personal trainer in London who can help you get there.

3. We begin by offering you a FREE Taster Session

Still unsure if mobile personal training is right for you? Well, do not be concerned! We want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

We recognise that mobile personal training is a new concept to so many people, which is why we offer a free, no-obligation taster session so you can be sure and completely confident it is wholly suited to you. The taster session consists of a 30 minute workout at your home or outdoors, and you will be instructed by the best-suited personal trainer we assign to you based on your training requirements and your preferences. The workout itself will be centred on your fitness aspirations and allows you to sample what a training session with us would be like.

Before the taster session, your free visit will kick-start with a free 15 minute consultation designed so you can meet with your trainer, and for you to discuss your fitness history and your future goals in far greater detail. It will also allow to ask any questions or relay any concerns you may have also.

The personal trainer will note all the information received as part of this visit, and best-assess your current ability through the taster session, to then go ahead and create a viable and effective fitness programme that will work for you, should you indeed decide to continue with us. This means that you will hit the ground running, quite literally in some cases, from session number one. Your personal trainer will set you weight loss and fitness targets, while monitoring them over set periods, and will also offer you ongoing guidance and advice with your diet and nutrition.

We’ve done this for hundreds of clients already – you could be next.

The only bad workout is the one that didn’t happen.