//8 Top Tips on How to Start Leading a Healthier Life Today

8 Top Tips on How to Start Leading a Healthier Life Today

For many people, the idea of a lifestyle change can seem daunting and overwhelming. It is easy to assume that grand changes need to be made in order to get fitter. But this isn’t the case. It is often the sum of lots of small changes that leads to a noticeable difference. To help you to shape up ahead of summer, we have asked eight of our personal trainers at MotivatePT for their number one tip that they share with their clients. We have made sure each point is easy to implement into your everyday, so that you can quickly turn a bad habit into a positive one.


1. Eat dinner at least two hours before you sleep

Try not to eat dinner right before you sleep, as it can leave you feeling bloated and lethargic. Our general rule of thumb is to eat before 8pm, but if your work hours are unpredictable, why not prepare a meal you can take with you and eat at work? Preparation is key when it comes to eating the right food at the right times.


2. Stop adding sugar to your drinks

This point is an absolutely critical one and it will really help to curb your sweet tooth in the long run. This quick fix will instantly reduce your sugar consumption. By cutting sugar from your tea & coffee, you will begin to adjust your taste palate and reduce your sugar craving. Many people exceed their daily sugar limit without even realising it.


3. Reach for fruit when you are craving sugar

Continuing on the topic of sugar, we believe it is absolutely necessary to reduce artificial sugar from your diet. In order to do this, start replacing artificial sugar with natural sugar, whenever possible e.g. fruit. Each time you are tempted to reach for a cake or a cookie, try reaching for a banana or an apple. Try this for a week and you will notice your higher energy levels and reduced sugar craving.


4. Take the stairs whenever you can

With lifts and elevators nearly everywhere we go these days, it is easy to overlook the humble stairway, which should be the obvious choice in most instances. Next time you are on the tube, or in your office, take the stairway. Your legs will thank you for it in the long term.


5. Sleep at least seven hours every night

Seven to nine hours of sleep a night leads to higher productivity in the day, better control of your diet and higher energy levels. If you aren’t sleeping enough then you are reducing your chances of leading a healthier life, and you are most probably feeling irritable and downtrodden throughout your day.


6. Reduce your alcohol consumption

We always encourage clients to lead a balanced life, and we strongly advocate having a good time. But if you are finding that you are drinking on most evenings, then be warned that this significantly adds up and is doing your health and waistline no good. Alcohol can also disrupt sleep, has high sugar content and will age you far quicker.


7. Cook at home whenever possible

Ordering takeaways and eating on the go, can really set you back with your fitness efforts. When you don’t know what exactly your meal is made up of, it’s impossible to keep track of what you are eating. Whenever possible, make your meal at home, and use raw and fresh ingredients.  Check out our blog for meal ideas.


8. Walk anywhere that takes under 15 minutes to reach in a car

If you can reach your destination in 15 minutes, as a rough rule of thumb, then you should always consider walking. This will save you the hassle of parking, the inconvenience of traffic and it will save you money as well. This is especially important if you lead a sedentary lifestyle and have a desk-based job.


We love to track our client’s progress and we would love to hear what you think of these tips. Tag us in your instagrams, tweet us or email us on info@motivatept.co.uk to be featured in our next newsletter!


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