//Meet Our Trainer: Ella

Meet Our Trainer: Ella

We asked our fantastic trainer Ella what motivates her and why she loves being a personal trainer. Read on to find out how a personal trainer stays motivated!


1. What’s the best thing about being a personal trainer?

Absolutely the best thing about being a personal trainer is the ability to help others achieve their goals; whether it be a body transformation, weight loss, fat loss, fitness goals or even something as simple as an increase in energy. Seeing my clients improve, grow in confidence, and achieve goals they initially deemed too difficult to obtain is definitely the most rewarding part of being a personal trainer (plus, I love that fact that I do something everyday that doesn’t really feel like a job!) I have always been passionate about health and fitness, and feel so grateful that I can get the satisfaction of doing something that I love everyday whilst helping others realize their potential through health and fitness.


2. What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness to me is not confined to just physical well-being. It comes in all sorts of forms, and is not purely measured by a person’s ability to lift ‘x’ amount or run a marathon in under ‘x’ hours. Fitness is very personal and usually encapsulates a combination of physical, mental, social and emotional health, all of which can be addressed through personalised exercise programmes and good nutrition.


3. What’s your best personal training memory/client moment?

There have been many great moments since I started as a personal trainer; I never get tired of hearing from a client about how they can finally fit in to their old clothes, or that the best part of their working week is training with me. Being able to give clients a necessary stress reliever after a hectic working day, or seeing a client’s confidence grow as they achieve goal after goal, are both the most fulfilling aspects of being a personal trainer and these memories are what makes my job so satisfying!


4. What’s the best thing about working for MotivatePT?

I love how well matched my clients are with MotivatePT; The team get to know each PT and prospective new client so well, in order to find the perfect Personal Trainer to match a client’s personality and goals. They lay the foundations for each Personal Trainer, which has created the best working relationships with all my clients!

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