//Meet Our Trainer: Joe O’Cearuill

Meet Our Trainer: Joe O’Cearuill

We asked our brilliant trainer Joe about his previous sporting experiences that led him to a career in personal training, and what he enjoys most about his new career and his motivations. Read on to find out how a personal trainer stay driven!


1. What led you to personal training?

I like to motivate and encourage others to fulfil and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Therefore Personal Trainer/ Fitness Coach was always an ideal profession that I would excel in.

My current experience and background stems from football as I am an ex-professional football player however, the skills and techniques I have learnt during my career are transferable to other types of fitness. For example, I currently take part in strength and conditioning training and train an Amateur North London Champion/ London Representative Boxer on a one to one basis to improve performance and endurance.

I still have a great deal of love for football and I intend to explore football in the form of coaching having recently finished playing semi-professionally. I feel packaging my football experience with my new-found personal training skillset, is something I can passionately deliver.


2. What’s the best thing about being a personal trainer?

The best thing about being a personal trainer is being your own boss and managing a workload that is best suited to you. Also, providing support to help people achieve their goals, in the form of active training, nutrition and some lifestyle tweaks, to help them feel really positive about themselves.


3. What does fitness mean to you?

Fitness means a positive way of life to me. It’s not a hobby or a chore, it’s what I love to do for a living. I enjoy inspiring and motivating others by being a role model and sharing my knowledge of health and fitness to help empower them to continue on their own.


4. What’s your best personal training memory/client moment?

A client I was training claimed he could not run and would not run! However, one day he came to a training session and told me he had gone for a run and thanked me for pushing him to do something he never really did before and now he loves it. This is what I feel my purpose is as a personal trainer!


5. What’s the best thing about working for MotivatePT?

The best thing about working for MotivatePT is that they provide realistic clients, locally who are willing to work hard to achieve their goals. MotivatePT are always available to contact and provide clients who suit their personal trainer’s training methods and style.


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