//Super Sundays – Planning Your Week Ahead

Super Sundays – Planning Your Week Ahead

Sundays are known as a day of rest and reflection. For many of us, it is the first time in the week that we pause and indulge. That indulgence may be a few extra hours of sleep, a big Sunday roast with all the trimmings or simply staying in our pyjamas all day long.  We always encourage our clients to relax and rest between their workouts but we shouldn’t underestimate the importance of our Sundays.  This crucially important day can help you to make or break your fitness goals for the entire week. With a bit of thought and planning each Sunday, you can make sure you run your whole week according to plan with some simple guidelines!

1. Make Meal Plans

Planning your three daily meals a week in advance is one of the most important tools at your disposal to make sure that there are no unplanned slip-ups during the week. It’s easy to let your diet spiral out of control when you are on the move and simply grabbing food on the go.  By pre-planning your lunch and dinner plans you are much more likely to eat right throughout the week, so take some time out on Sunday to write your weeks food plan and you can easily tick off the next two points.

2. Stock Your Fridge

weekly-meal-planning-700We all know the horrible feeling of coming home to an empty fridge! Make sure your fridge is stocked with all the food needed for dinner throughout the week. Choose simple, easy recipes that you know you can rustle up quickly on weeknights and you are more likely to stick to your meal plans. With the power of online ordering you don’t even need to leave your house on a Sunday. This simple act will help you to resist the urge to call in a takeaway after a tiring day.

3. Pack Your Lunches

You can again use your weekly meal plan to plan and pack your lunches for the week. Make a big batch of soup, salad or pasta that can last 2-3 days and freeze your lunches for Thursday and Friday.

4. Map Out Your Fitness Schedule

Commit to your workouts a week in advance and make sure you make all other plans around them. This means you wont be easily swayed when your colleagues ask you out for after work drinks. If you can, prepay your personal training sessions or gym classes as another incentive to make sure you definitely attend.

5. Pack Your Gym Bag

Wash, pack and prepare everything needed for your fitness classes. Leave it by the front door or in your car so you can be sure you won’t forget in the morning. If training from home, do the same thing and clear some space, to make your workout as effective and enjoyable as possible.

6. Catch Up On Zzzzzzz

Get your beauty sleep and get in bed early on a Sunday so you feel energised and invigorated for the week ahead. Everything feels doubly difficult when you are sluggish and tired and you’re far more likely to skip workouts and binge throughout the week. Use your Sunday to relax, rest and recharge.

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