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Personal Trainers in Liverpool

Our fitness experts will help you to lose weight, tone up and get fit quickly, giving you the support and encouragement to stick with your exercise program. You can train in one of the local parks or from within the comfort of your own home and garden. Our team of Liverpool personal trainers will work around your schedule, helping you to make working out, a part of your working week.

Experienced and Qualified Personal Trainers

Each one of our personal trainers in Liverpool uses a selection of effective training equipment that will add variety, fun and challenge to each workout. Every trainer is skilled to ensure that you work out effectively and safely, whilst making sure that the sessions fly by, so you never get bored or lose motivation. The variety and progression of each new session will ensure that you don't plateau and that you see consistent results week on week. By following a program of integrated functional training you'll train your whole body in a way that is sympathetic to your body's natural movement.

Free At-Home Consultation

In order for you to get to know your trainer before you begin, we offer a completely free consultation and health check before your very first session in Liverpool. During this meeting, your personal trainer will spend time getting to know you, understanding your goals and motivations, so that they can deliver the right training program for your needs.

Liverpool Personal Training Specialists

All of our personal trainers in Liverpool are qualified to the highest level, with advanced qualifications and memberships to the UK's leading fitness associations. Right from the very beginning we will encourage you to focus on your abilities rather than avoiding challenges, so you can take real steps towards achieving your health and fitness goals - whether your goal is to lose weight and tone up or simply to feel happier and healthier. By planning to succeed we will give you the motivation, direction and personal accountability that you need to take you health and physique to new levels. We offer flexible training times that fit in with your busy schedule. Whether you would rather train at 6.00am or 10.00pm (including weekends) anywhere in Liverpool our personal trainers can accommodate your schedule. What's more, you can also train with a friend, partner or even with a small group of friends. We offer a range of flexible training options to suit your needs.

Results-Based Training Programs

Each one of our personal trainers is focused on achieving results for our clients in Liverpool. Personal training sessions are designed to burn maximum calories in the shortest possible time. Our trainers are qualified in a wide range of specialisms including weight loss, toning, pregnancy fitness, postnatal exercise, back pain and injury rehab, running training, boxercise, kickboxing and more. Please read our services pages for a full list of our available personal training.

We offer completely flexible training that is built around you. Why not get in touch today to find out how we can help you. Just contact us to discuss your needs. We'll be happy to arrange a free at-home consultation at a time that suits you.