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Running & Marathon Training

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Running & Marathon Training

Running is an extremely effective form of cardio and it helps our clients to lose weight and keep it off. Our focus is on delivering individually tailored running programs that cater specifically to your goals and physical condition, whether you are a seasoned competition runner or a complete beginner.

As well as being your ‘running partner’ our certified running personal trainers will focus on teaching the correct and most efficient running and breathing techniques. We find that most joggers and runners repeatedly place undue stress on their bodies because their running technique is poor. This can lead to multiple muscular and joint injuries if not picked up and corrected early. Our personal trainers help identify weaknesses and abnormalities in running technique helping to improve your running performance whilst eliminating injury.

Furthermore, we add excellent body-weight workouts and interval training, to help you to tone-up and improve your muscular strength. This will not only add variety and new challenges to your workouts, but it will help strengthen your legs, so to improve your running and to further alleviate the risk of injury.

Our personal trainers provide the motivation, education and support to enable individuals of all levels to achieve and exceed their personal running goals. We teach our clients how to best prepare, warm-up and subsequently warm-down and stretch, before and after running. The sessions can take outdoors in a park of your choice and at times in the week that suits your schedule.

Key Considerations as part of your Marathon Training:

It is imperative to focus on creating workouts to strengthen your core, which will in turn improve your running posture, and also to work on your flexibility to lengthen your running stride. Both will considerably improve your running

Meal plans and nutritional care is, needless to say, imperative. A heavy breakfast full of good carbs, proteins and healthy fats (porridge, eggs, nuts, fruit, avocado etc.) is the best way to start the day.

Aim to do 2 runs in the week. A medium distance run (say around 6 miles) on midweek evening and a long-run (over 10 miles) on a weekend morning. Track your times and analyse your progress. You need to be building up the distances of your long-run slowly and aim to do your longest run of, ideally around 20 miles, a month before your scheduled marathon.

Allow time to recover and rest in the week also, without being completely idle. Active recovery such a long walks, light swimming, brisk cycling, etc. is required.

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