10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer

10 Reasons Why You Should Get a Personal Trainer

Should I get a personal trainer (“PT”)? Many people hesitate when it comes to hiring a personal trainer. Are you ready to commit? Is it worth paying for a PT? What are the overall benefits? Often many individuals are cautious when enquiring about personal training, and this is often down to value – will the results be what they want and what they pay for?

However, hiring a good PT can be hugely beneficial to you.

Within today’s society, the world is trying to make our lives easier. However, this is having a knock-on effect on our health. What with escalators, lifts, drive-throughs, dishwashers, etc. these advances in technology are decreasing our workload, and also decreasing our physical activity levels. During a typical working week at an office-based job, people spend on average 5 hours and 41 minutes per day sitting at their desks. They will then also spend 7 hours sleeping at night. Therefore, getting up and moving is more critical than ever before.

Why you should get a personal trainer

There are many ways a personal trainer can help you. Whether you want to lose weight, tone-up, or decrease back pain, a personal trainer can help you achieve your specific goal in a way that is tailored to your body and your lifestyle. After all, our bodies and mindsets are unique to us, so a personal trainer will unlock a way to reach your goals quicker and keep you engaged and motivated throughout.

Here are the top 10 reasons why it is beneficial to train with a PT

Increased Motivation

Most of us struggle to stay motivated when working out alone. Working with a good PT is a great investment to make to overcome this. When your energy levels start to drop they can push you that little bit further and will make sure you do not quit. They will also change the way you think about working out. It will no longer be a chore, as you will start to see the benefits and will enjoy exercising more than ever.

Improved Accountability

Having a personal trainer means it is a lot harder to cancel a session, however, if you were to train on your own it is very easy to skip the gym or that workout at home. Taking on the accountability and working with a PT, you are much more likely to stick to your allocated workouts in the weeks. This leads to greater consistency and you will see results quicker.

Expert Advice & Support

Many clients struggle greatly with getting results on their own. This is probably because they aren’t entirely sure what you should be doing. Like many individuals, If you are not a health and fitness professional, it is not always obvious. Personal Trainers are specialists in the health and fitness field. Their expertise can help you to achieve your training goals, whether you want to lose weight, build muscle or develop your all-round fitness. The knowledge and skills of a good PT can be a huge advantage and the sessions will ultimately provide you with the skillset to also train on your own should you wish to in the future.

A Personalised Programme for YOU

There are many online companies that offer training programs, however, these are not specific to you and are quite generic. Having a personal trainer, face-to-face gives you your own tailor-made programme which is designed specifically to you and your individual needs.

Reach New Personal Bests

It’s a personal trainer’s job and passion to help you reach your goals. They will know every method of training and will have a huge bank of exercises specifically related to what you want to achieve. This tailored approach will help you to reach your goals in the fastest time possible. They can help you pack on muscle or blast through body fat faster than you would be able to achieve on your own.

Efficiency of Workouts

Whilst training on your own, you may find that you spend 15 minutes of the hour session on your phone or talking to friends, or even switching off completely. With a PT this is not possible. They will give you a full hour of exercise. They will also increase the intensity and will always ensure that you are exercising at maximum intensity to get the most out of your workouts – this is the level at which you will gain the maximum results and ensure your body does not plateau.

Train Safe

When you are working alone it is very easy to perform the exercise with the wrong technique or form. This is one of the most common ways to pick up an injury, which could put a stop to your training. In addition to this, there are also many exercises that are safer to perform with a spotter (someone there to help you with weights). A good PT will be able to show you how to perform the exercises safely and correctly. They can observe your form and easily correct any mistakes which will decrease your risk of obtaining an injury and will improve your body’s ailments. A PT can also spot for you, consequently, you can be pushed to your limit in a safe manner.

Specialised Support for injury, pregnancy, age etc

If you have an injury or a condition, it is extremely beneficial to train with a professional. This will ensure that you are performing each exercise in the correct position. If you need help rehabilitating your knee, a PT can guide and support you and will show you specific exercises which can aid recovery. Furthermore, if you are pregnant or recently had a baby, the support of a PT is critical because they can work around this appropriately and safely.

Build Your Confidence

Having a Personal Trainer will improve your confidence and you’ll be constantly learning from them, which will increase your own fitness knowledge. You can then use everything you have learnt with them to accelerate your results. This will also promote your ability to train independently in the future. Mental and physical well-being are strongly linked.

Train Anywhere

Personal trainers are very flexible and are trained to be able to perform workouts in almost any environment, depending on the preferences of the client. You can find someone who can fit around your schedule and if you do not have time to go to a gym, they can also come to your home or train outdoors in a local park. One of the biggest barriers to fitness is, of course, is finding that hour in the working day. But trainers are on hand first thing in the morning before work or last thing in the day to ensure you do get that workout inconsistently, week after week.

Getting a personal trainer

When hiring a personal trainer, it is important to think about what you want from each session. After all, it is important that you find or are matched to a trainer based on their style and approach. For example, one trainer might offer a “military-style” approach which may work for some people yet, it may not work for others.

It is also vital that the connection and chemistry is right from the first initial consultation, as you do not want to be spending hours with a PT that you do not connect well with.

Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or need some help shifting those last few pounds, there are many personal trainers out there who will be perfect for you. We hope that sharing these reasons to work with a personal trainer have shown you why they are important and have inspired you to consider investing in one for yourself! It is important for you to understand your own goals and get the help needed to excel within your fitness journey.

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