You Will Reach Your Goals This Year: Discover Our Goal Setting Worksheet for 2024

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You Will Reach Your Goals This Year: Discover Our Goal Setting Worksheet for 2024

It is almost time to say goodbye to 2023, and welcome 2024. We encourage you to set yourself up for success this coming year by having clear, achievable goals and a clear-cut plan! All of the tips in this post apply to any life goal, whether that’s fitness or otherwise.

We created our very own 2024 goal setting worksheet for you, and in this post we will be sharing our top tips for 2024 a huge success! Click here to download your 2024 goal setting worksheet.

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Prioritise SMART goals on your goal setting worksheet

SMART goals are a framework for goal setting. The acronym SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Here’s a breakdown of each component.

Specific – Goals should be clear and specific, leaving no room for ambiguity. Clearly define what you want to accomplish, why it’s important, who is involved, where it will take place, and what resources are needed.

Measurable – Goals should be quantifiable, allowing you to track progress and determine when the goal has been achieved. This involves establishing concrete criteria for measuring progress and success.

Achievable – Goals should be realistic and attainable, considering the resources available. While it’s good to set challenging goals, they should still be within the realm of possibility.

Relevant – Goals should align with your broader objectives and be relevant to your overall mission. Ensure that pursuing the goal will contribute to your larger aspirations and that it’s worth the effort.

Time-bound – Goals should have a specific timeframe for completion. This creates a sense of urgency and helps prevent procrastination. Setting deadlines also provides a timeline for evaluating progress.


Common new year goals and resources!

If you are a fitness beginner and fitness is a goal of yours for 2024, we highly recommend checking out our post on 8 common beginner exercise mistakes to avoid!

If eating healthier is a goal of yours for 2024, we have given you some simple tips for healthy eating here!

If meditating is a goal of yours for 2024, we tell you why it is worth it and how simple of a practice it actually is in our post ‘meditation as a wellness practice‘.


Know the difference between goals and intentions

Both are valuable and can be included on your goal-setting worksheet!

Goals, whether they fulfil the SMART goal criteria or not, are specific and measurable milestones. Intentions on the other hand, refer to a mindset or overall commitment to acting in a certain way.

Here is an example of a goal vs an intention.

Goal – Walk on average 10,000 steps a day.

Intention – Be more present when I am walking.

If intention-setting sounds particularly good to you (as it does to us!) we recommend this post by MindBodyGreen on exactly how to set intentions, equipped with examples and expert guidance.


Ask yourself, ‘is this really what I want or is it what I think I should want?’

Sometimes we think we want something only to discover it is not what we wanted afterall. As social creatures, one of our core needs is to feel that we fit in. You might confuse your own desires for those of your parents, friends, or society as a whole. So, when goal-setting, check-in with yourself to see how each goal really feels. Listen to your instincts.

Does something feel off? It might be that the goal needs shifting slightly so that it is truly aligned with YOU, or scrapping altogether. To understand this better, we recommend checking out this Forbes article – How To Identify Your True Desires And Stop Imitating Everyone Else’s‘.


Pre-empt your challenges

Do you know where your weaknesses lie, and have you set these same or similar goals before? Pre-empting what challenges might come up for you allows you to plan ahead for them. What will you do if it comes up again?

Look back at your goal-setting attempts in the past. What challenges came up? Are there any self-sabotaging behaviours you recognise? Write down each of your potential challenges, and what you’re going to do if they come up again.

If pre-workout anxiety is an experience that has held you back from your fitness goals in the past, check out our post – 5 Simple Tricks to help you Reduce Pre-Workout Anxiety.

Here is an example

Challenge – I often start the year strong sticking with my new routine, but motivation fades and I can’t seem to get it back!

Solution – I am going to focus on one new habit at a time, instead of trying to change my whole life overnight. Once one habit is established and feels easy, I will add on another one. And, no matter how many times I “give up”, I am going to carry on. I am building habits for a lifetime, and do not need an overnight transformation!


Stay flexible!

As we all know, life can throw A LOT at you in a year. So, be prepared to edit and update your goals as you go. You can go back to our goal setting worksheet throughout the year as many times as you need. You can even print fresh copies to re-write your goals when they do change.

Know that not only will unexpected things happen in your life, but you will inevitably change too. You might change your mind about some of the goals you set, or realise some of them are not as important to you as you had thought.

Having these kinds of realisations is a positive thing for your growth because they give you more space to focus on the goals that really do matter. So, be open to editing, deleting and even adding new goals to your 2024 goal setting worksheet as you go!



To summarise the tips in this post for completing our goal setting worksheet for 2024, utilise SMART goals, incorporate intentions too, make sure your desires are truly yours, plan for your weaknesses, and prepare to be flexible and for your goals to change throughout the year!

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