3 Best Resistance Bands For 2021

3 Best Resistance Bands For 2021

Resistance bands are a fantastic alternative to weights – they are easy to transport, cheaper than buying weights and super easy to store. They’re also inexpensive and versatile – you can get a great whole body workout in using just resistance bands.

Buying tips

  • Get your hands on a variety of different strengths. You can get light, medium and heavy bands and it is likely you’ll want to use different strengths when targeting different body parts. You can also introduce progressive overload here by using a lighter strength for a few weeks and then switching over to a heavier band to challenge your body a little more.
  • Get different sizes. For example, smaller bands are great to target the glutes, whereas a larger band is fantastic for working the upper body.
  • Choose quality. Resistance bands can be really affordable, so if you can, it is worth spending a little more to get bands which will grip onto your body properly and won’t snap – any band-user’s worst nightmare!

Here are our pick of the three best bands you can purchase.

INTEY Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are made of durable latex so will last a while and won’t wear out on you.

Their longer length is perfect for practicing pull-ups with support and full body exercises, such as squats or overhead press.

You get four bands in one pack here, with different strengths, so you have a lot of scope to work with!

Syosin Resistance Bands

These are the perfect resistance bands for targeting and activating the glutes, which is key if you’re looking for lower body muscle growth.

The smaller size means they will fit perfectly just above your knees or around your ankles.

They are made of fabric, not rubber, so they won’t pull uncomfortably on your legs and won’t slide around.

They are also easily transportable, perfect for any workouts on the go!

Simba Workout Stackable Resistance Bands

These resistance bands are incredibly versatile, as not only do they come in a variety of strengths, but they also have attachments such as door anchors, handles and ankle straps.

The bands are colour coded and have a weight guidance on them, so you know exactly the equivalent weight you are lifting when using each one.

Another great feature of these bands is they are stackable – you can connect multiple bands to the attachments, ensuring you can get a killer workout in from virtually anywhere!

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