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We connect you to brilliant trainers – anytime, anywhere,
Empowering you to live a great everyday.

Why we started MotivatePT

We are often asked why we chose to leave our budding City careers to run MotivatePT. The truth is, our hearts are in fitness and we found everyday was becoming a losing battle between exercise and our hectic London life.

We decided it was time to help create a solution, because everyone should have the time to prioritise health, no matter how busy life gets.  And so the mantra was born – Train Anywhere, Anytime.

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Our Values

Meet Some of Our Team

As a competitive natural bodybuilder, I've pushed my body to its limits to achieve a certain look on stage. But for me, fitness is really about doing whatever physical activity you enjoy, combined with a healthy nutrition plan that's easy to adhere to.
The best thing about being a PT is watching your client achieve the goals that they have set. Fitness to me means taking care of yourself and your body. Fitness is very important part of life that a lot of people neglect but there are so many benefits to fitness in day to day life.
Fitness is health; it's moving your body, teaching it to work and getting the most out of it. I get to meet & connect with a diverse range of people; I enjoy having the opportunity to learn from and teach people that I otherwise may not have met!
The most rewarding aspect of being a Personal Trainer is helping people working beyond their limits and witnessing a positive change of lifestyle and mindset. To me fitness means evolving mentally and physically to the best version of yourself.
There have been many great moments since I started as a personal trainer; I never get tired of hearing from a client about how they can finally fit in to their old clothes, or that the best part of their working week is training with me.
As a qualified lawyer, I chose to leave law behind to turn my passion for fitness into a full-time career. I further pursued this by training for and running a number of half-marathons over the past few years.
The best thing about being a PT is helping people to achieve their goals and share with them a new lifestyle. For me, fitness means keeping yourself fit both mentally and physically.
The best thing about being a personal trainer is being able to meet and help a wide variety of people. From helping clients to stand up off a chair to looking amazing in their wedding dress. Fitness means being able to move through your everyday range of motions with ease and energy….. rather than sluggish and tired.
As a personal trainer, you are constantly changing people’s lives! You are educating, motivating and making them feel happier with themselves mentally and physically. I love to make people feel empowered by what they can do with their bodies, I feel that it is as much of an accomplishment for them as it is for me.
I have always been passionate about being physically active and have long had a desire to work with people; to inspire and support them. Health, fitness and the relationship between physical activity, nutrition and wellness is not only my career, but also my great passion.
Being a personal trainer give me the wonderful opportunity to change someone's life one training session at a time. To me, fitness is about performing everyday tasks pain-free
Fitness has the power to change lives. We aren’t about the extreme body transformations. We want our clients to conquer their minds and bodies through a plan that will work in the long term. Exercise powers me through my week - it helps me feel in control of my life.
Health and fitness has always been a personal passion. Whether running through parks, doing yoga in the sun or just messing about on monkey bars, both the adrenaline and feel good factors are priceless.
It is great being able to get up in the morning and say I love what I do, and to be able to instil that passion for fitness into other people's lives. Fitness is being able to live life with your own charge, with the ability to tackle physical challenges with enthusiasm.
The satisfaction of helping and empowering someone to change their life is rewarding! Someone’s unique journey to making them a better version of themselves motivates me to always push myself to deliver a professional and fun experience!
The best thing about being a personal trainer is creating a bond with people, helping them achieve their goals and seeing them smile! Fitness means everything to me. I make sure I incorporate it into everyday life.
After experiencing an injury in 2010 I decided that I wanted to take my knowledge of the body further by completing a Diploma in Personal training, so I could help others to reach their optimal fitness and health levels.
The happiness on people’s faces when they achieve what they set out to do really makes my day. Fitness to me means being able to live your everyday life…It helps us get through daily activities both mentally and physically.
Fitness has been a part of me since I could stand on my own two feet and it's something that is involved in every day of my life. It is not just a job for me, it's my life!
Fitness makes me feel alive, energetic and at the same time it teaches me patience and dedication, how to stay focused and face challenges. I'm positive that leading a healthy and active lifestyle is the most effective way we can face the challenges of our hectic lives….
I enjoy being able to share my love of fitness and help clients along their own personal fitness journey, watching them progress and change, and seeing how fitness has helped them to better their life. Not to mention the fun characters I meet along the way.
I love watching my clients on their journey, seeing their confidence grow and having the opportunity to show them that exercise can be enjoyable. Also being able to follow their individual journeys and assisting them to achieve their goals!
The most enjoyable aspect is having clients become good friends and being a huge part of their story in becoming a healthier person. To me fitness is the most important investment in life. Your body has amazing potential and it is the best feeling once that potential is realised.
Fitness is a massive part of everyday life, it affects everything from your mood, state of mind and physical well-being. Taking care of your fitness levels should be top of the list of priorities.
Fitness means the ability to live your life in a way which makes you feel comfortable. about yourself. I love meeting a huge array of different people and helping them meet their goals. MotivatePT is a premium brand which gives you confidence in the industry.