“I was lucky enough to discover fitness on my own by stumbling into an overcrowded, sweaty fitness class, but it took me years to correct my form and know how things were ‘supposed to feel’ when training. It definitely didn’t feel like the best way to start my fitness journey. Luckily, there was no lasting damage, but it got me wondering about all the people who didn’t have the know-how or confidence to walk into a fitness class or hit the weights floor at the gym. Fitness has given me the confidence to achieve so much in life, and for me it’s as much about the mental as it is the physical.

As a team, we laid down a mission:

To build the most talented and inspiring team of experts so that women of all ages, and stages in their life would be in safe hands and have a brilliant experience with their foray into fitness.

In turn, I hope your fitness experience goes on to inspire so many other areas of your life, as it has done for me. The life changing stories we receive are why we do what we do. No intimidation, no judgment and all the help!

What we care about

Unique Journeys

There is no cookie-cutter approach to our personal training. Our experts will assess each individual first before designing their programme.

A Human Experience

Whilst we can automate certain parts of our business the core elements remain human. From our fitness matchmakers, to your personal training, you will always be in human hands.

Embracing Challenges

The first step isn’t always easy but it’s oh so worth it. We embrace challenges with our clients on a daily basis, and go on to become their biggest cheerleaders.

Some Of Our Team

Our fitness and nutrition experts are hand picked by our in house team from hundreds of applicants because we truly believe in them. We do all the interviewing, so that you don’t have to. We have built a leading wellness team with diverse backgrounds and qualifications who will keep you on your toes and know how to bring the very best out of you.

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My purpose is to uplift and inspire my clients, to encourage them to live mindfully. I truly believe that fitness can change lives.


I’m here to show and prove to clients that fitness is not an obstacle and it can work within day-to-day life. I want to show client’s that they too can fall in love with fitness.


Living in London sometimes can be stressful, so I make sure to cheer up my clients if they had a rough day at work, or are feeling down. I encourage them to work hard and to smash their Fitness Goals! Their Goal is my Goal as well!

Ana Maria

All of my programmes and exercises are designed so that you will have the correct posture and technique, and any existing injuries or weak points are incorporated.


I have a real passion for what I do and love bringing out the best in people leading my clients to have a very positive attitude toward all lifestyle changes we undertake together.


I believe that part of being a good trainer means being a good role model, – training hard, smart, never skipping a planned training day and keeping strength and flexibility levels up to the maximum.


As a Pilates instructor and having trained as a dancer her main focus is on getting her clients to move well and pain free


I am passionate about creating healthy and fun habits leading to a confident and active lifestyle. I firmly believe that motivation comes from enjoying your exercise, challenging your body, and seeing results.


My passion is to help men and women lose weight and sculpt their bodies in the process. I enjoy using weights, and resistance equipment to help my clients chisel and define their body. I train myself daily to stay on top of my game too!


For the past couple of years my main focus has been on ante/post natal women training. This came to me naturally after I fell pregnant myself.


I constantly strive for success and to better myself whilst spreading positivity, and good energy in a friendly, and warm manner. I want to help people achieve and reach their goals just like I do for myself.

Client stories

My trainer is exactly what I wanted in a PT: on time and very professional. He always listens to what I say/want and then makes suggestions, he also explains to me why he makes these suggestions rather than just getting me to do something. He always makes sure that I am doing my exercises properly, i.e. posture etc. Training with him over the last two months has allowed me to strengthen my running and the pain in my knees has reduced so much. I really enjoy training, we can have a joke and be serious at the same time, and this is the balance I needed. Thank you again for the service * Mahreen Ilford, London
I started working with Vivien for prenatal personal training sessions. I’m a runner, triathlete and fitness instructor myself so I’m no stranger to fitness, but I was lost when it came to modifying my exercise for pregnancy. Vivien was an absolute game-changer. Straight from the beginning, she gave me challenging, satisfying workouts made even better by the reassurance that I was working out safely for both myself and my baby. As we progressed, she was amazing at adapting my sessions to suit my changing needs. She skilfully balanced the sessions between the exercises she knows I like (strength and cardio) with the stuff I should be doing (like pelvic floor and glute strength). My sessions with Vivien were easily the high point of every week and one of the single best purchases of my prenatal journey. I felt strong, healthy and happy after every session. She also seamlessly transitioned our sessions to Facetime when we could no longer workout in person. I know these sessions will have a positive impact on my labour and recovery and I look forward to working out with her in post-natal sessions in a few months. Absolutely worth every penny. Miranda Markham North London

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