Ask the trainer: Meet Bea

Ask the trainer: Meet Bea

Female fitness expert at MotivatePT

Reps Level 3 Qualified / Pre & Post Natal

How can I lose weight quickly?

There are many things you can do to lose weight fast. However, sustainable and healthy weight-loss is not fast. It is slow and steady! Although, people who are holding body fat beyond a certain point find that they lose weight pretty fast at first before the weight-loss plateaus. This is because the heavier you are the more calories you burn performing exercise! 

Anyone that tells you a quick fix weight loss plan exists and lasts, isn’t being honest! So be careful who you trust with your time and your body.  

What do you believe is the most effective exercise?

In my experience, the most effective exercise is resistance training. It strengthens your muscles and burns calories as you exert effort. Furthermore, as you strengthen your muscles you build more muscle, and with a higher muscle mass you burn more calories doing absolutely nothing! This is because muscle tissue is more metabolically active than fat tissue.

I also find resistance training isn’t so intimidating, especially for beginners. It’s great for everyone, men and women, old and young.  

What are your thoughts on the Keto diet?

Many people proclaim that one specific diet is the best solution for weight-loss. However, any diet that leads you to go into a calorie deficit will ultimately cause weight-loss. Health on the other hand, is a different matter. Keto drastically reduces carbohydrates in our diet, which are of course absolutely essential for our health. It is not sustainable and linked with health conditions like heart disease (as a result of the high saturated fat intake), kidney stones and constipation. 

At MotivatePT we don’t advocate any of these extreme diets or suddenly cutting certain food groups. Each client is individual and our bodies all react to food and exercise differently. 


Written By Bea: Female fitness expert at MotivatePT – Reps Level 3 Qualified / Pre & Post Natal

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