Ask the trainer: Meet Casey

Ask the trainer: Meet Casey

Female fitness expert at MotivatePT

Reps Level 3 Qualified / Pre & Post Natal

Welcome to our ‘Ask the Trainers’ Series. As a company we have trained and transformed the lives of thousands of people, BUT somehow the same questions always crop up in our consultations. We put your most burning health and fitness questions directly to the experts! So let’s dive in.

Will carbs make you fat?

No! Any food can cause weight gain if you eat too much – it doesn’t matter if it is carbs, fats or protein. If you consume more calories than your body uses, this will likely cause weight gain.

It is about how much you eat, rather than what you eat that will cause you to gain weight. This is where so many people go wrong and one of the things I will clear up with clients who are struggling in this area. 

Carbs are an essential part of our diet and are a major source of fuel and nutrients for our bodies. Especially when you are on an intense training plan! Which is why they should never be cut completely from our diet – even when trying to lose weight


How best to train around your period & time of the month.

Listen to your body, everyone is affected during this time of the month. 

If you need to lighten the weights during your period or do low-impact cardio rather than high intensity because you don’t have the energy to do a high demanding workout that is totally fine. If you have loads of energy and want to hit a new personal best – go for it! Do what works for you! Try not to be influenced by others around you and focus solely on your body. Also each month may be different!

Change up your routine during your period if you need to, remember that exercising releases endorphins which can reduce the feel of pain. So if you are feeling period pains, try and go for a light walk to get those endorphins flowing to ease cramps! Even though it may feel like the last thing you want to do, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much better you feel afterwards. 

And stay hydrated – drink plenty of water during your period! It might be more tempting to reach for caffeine or energy drinks, but trust us, water is your best friend! 


3 favourite exercises?

Okay that’s a tough one, but first three that come to mind! 

1. Split Squats – A great compound exercise for your lower body. Split Squats can be done with or without weights and from a variety of different positions to keep you challenged. 

2. Push Ups – There is no feeling like getting your first push up! Not only do they build upper body strength, they also build up your core strength! You can start on your knees and progress up but these are really so progressive, although many women avoid them because they believe they aren’t strong enough. Trust us, you are! 

3. Back Rows – I love having a nice strong back to help keep good posture – especially all the extra time spent sitting at your desk or laptop! Just like split squats, back rows can be done in a variety of different ways

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