Ask the trainer: Meet Uliana

Ask the trainer: Meet Uliana

Female fitness expert at MotivatePT

Reps Level 3 Qualified / Pre & Post Natal

If I start an exercise programme, how many rest days should I have?

For any moderate or vigorous activity, rest days are essential! But broadly speaking, rest days will vary based on the intensity of the workout and activity.


If you were our MotivatePT client I would break it down like this: 

Activity per week, recommendation 3-5times/week

Rest days 2-4days/week·  

For my clients who are very active or who have more aggressive goals, then of course there is the option to have active rest days by doing a light workout, like gentle stretching or yoga. So you will see the answer is not so straightforward and I would prescribe this based on goals, fitness history and lifestyle. 


Will eating dinner or snacks after 6pm make me gain weight?

No, what will affect the weight gain is the amount of calories you consume and how much you exercise and move your body as this is what burns calories. 

Calories are calories and it doesn’t matter when you consume it! 

It is common that people who love their late evening or night snacking on things like cookies, chips, sweets (high calorie snacks) due to boredom or cravings will gain weight. BUT eating a balanced meal after 6pm is not going to be the reason you gain weight.


I have never been able to build abs. What kind of ab exercise is the most effective?

There are SO many effective abs exercises and ways to improve and strengthen your abdominal region. 

Our favourite ab exercises that you should be doing, are listed here! 

Motivate’s favourite Ab building exercises

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