Today, we wanted to tackle common mistakes that we all make when we train alone. Our new clients often describe a few of these errors when they first sign up with us and they often sound frustrated with the lack of results they have seen when training. Our personal trainers can easily help you to correct all of the mistakes below through their one-on-one guidance. Read on for better fitness results and tips on how to train most effectively.

Boring-Treadmill1. Too much cardio-training at a steady pace

We believe quick bursts, and high-intensity, interval training is best. Running continuously on the treadmill at a slow pace is not going to help. Furthermore, you should switch up your cardio exercises from running to cycling to swimming. Interval training encourages you go full throttle for 1-2 minutes before slowing down, and repeating.

2. Be realistic in your goals

Fitness training is psychological and when results are not achieved immediately, it can lead to so many clients either giving up or returning to their poor eating habits. Our trainers constantly remind people that training is a long-term gain and that results are not necessarily achieved from the outset. Map each gradual improvement and be realistic. This will help you to remain committed and optimistic.

Personal-Trainer-for-Good-Form3. Poor Form

It is important that when you train, you train well, to avoid the risk of a serious injury. We encourage anyone working out to do their research or better yet, to kick-start a programme with a personal trainer to lay the foundations and to have an education on how to work out safely and efficiently. The skills you learn will give you the confidence to work out in between sessions and maximise your results.

4. Lack of fuel & fluids

Always keep hydrated during a workout, and try not to exercise on a completely empty stomach. Consider having a piece of fruit or a high protein snack such as nuts an hour before your workout. This will give you that extra oomph and will further increase your metabolism post-workout.

Bicycle-Crunches5. Ab Crunches, Ab Crunches, and more Ab Crunches

Repeating the same workout is always a mistake and we hear so often from clients when they first sign up that after 100 ab crunches every day they haven’t achieved the results they were after. A repetitive ab crunch neglects your oblique (side) muscles and the hard-to-target mid-to-lower muscles. Variety in a workout is key to target different muscle groups and avoid stagnation. You should add variation to your workouts and in this instance, the basic plank and bicycle crunches would be great ways to target all muscle groups in your abdominal area. It is an easy error to correct!

6. Not pushing yourself

This point may sound cliché but so many of us are not truly pushing ourselves when we work out. For example, when weight training, it can be common to simply go through the motions, have long breaks between each set, and not truly challenge your body. If you are guilty of this, you simply will not achieve the results you want. Consider timing your breaks and ensuring they are no more than 1 minute long. And it is worth remembering the mantra: no pain, no gain! Achieving fitness goals is not supposed to be easy.

7. Same routine each week

Variety is the spice of life, which is why you should also vary your workouts every so often. If you find yourself doing the same routine each week, you really ought to switch it up. This is because your body quickly becomes accustomed to a particular workout and knows what to expect, which ultimately leads to a fitness plateau which can be incredibly frustrating when you feel you are making progress. Continuously mixing and changing your workout can help to tackle different areas and work different muscles all the time– for example, a run one week followed by a body conditioning session the week after means your body is being tried and tested in new ways.

Young woman seated hamstring stretch8. Not stretching after your workout

You should absolutely spend a few minutes after your workout to stretch your muscles. This will help prevent injuries and also increase your flexibility – which will lead to better progress and improved results going forward.

9. Not supporting your workout with a good diet

We are frequently asked about fitness supplements and the answer we give is always the same – supplements are useless against a bad diet! You can have the highest-protein, lean bodybuilding shakes to support your workout but they are useless against a backdrop of greasy takeaways. We encourage a solid diet of lean meats, wholesome vegetables, whole grain, and buckets of water throughout the day before considering these supplements.

10. Not allowing your body to rest and recover

Working out every day, seven days a week really is not the answer. Rest and recovery is imperative to your progress, and for that reason we would recommend our clients to train a maximum of 3-4 times per week. This will allow your muscles and tendons to recover, grow and strengthen. This is why sleeping well is also key!

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