Working 9 to 5? You might be thinking it’s hard to squeeze in time for fitness around the daily grind, but you’d be wrong. There are plenty of quick little exercises you can accomplish before heading to work – and with growing concerns of back pain, emotional stress and fatigue being caused by the office, these workouts can provide some incredible benefits to your physical and mental health.

Here’s a rundown of our top 3 exercises to achieve on those weekday mornings!

1. The Basic Back Extension

A sure-fire way to improve your posture and get you on your way to a strong core. Find a soft surface, lie on your stomach and straighten your legs out behind you. Now, with your elbows on the ground, slide your shoulders down.

Lift your upper back, press your hips down and hold this position for 30 seconds. Then it’s just a case of lowering yourself back to the starting position. Completing this exercise around 3 times each morning will work wonders on your lower back muscles, allowing you to twist, turn and sit more comfortably – ideal for those long days in front of the computer!

2. The Cat Cow Pose

Ever experienced sharp neck pains at work? You can’t go wrong with the cat cow.

A classic pose in yoga classes, all you need to do is set yourself up in a ‘table’ position (hands and knees on the ground), inhale and press your chest forward. Let your belly sink as you relax your shoulders while lifting your head. You’re now in the cow pose, so all that’s left to do is move into the cat pose.

Round your spine outward and push your pelvis forward. Relax your head, looking down to the ground, and you’re there. Slot as many of these exercises as you can into a minute’s time to improve the flexibility of your spine and the strength of your abdominal organs.

3. Push-Ups

Ok, we know…pretty obvious. But you just can’t undermine how effective push-ups are – a perfect way to strengthen your chest, shoulders and triceps, making that morning commute a breeze.

We probably don’t need to explain this one (!) but here goes. Face yourself down to the ground in a prone position, with your feet together. Pressing both your feet and palms of your hands to the floor, raise and lower yourself using your arms. Continue doing this for as long as you like – the sky’s the limit!