Motivate PT is made up of highly qualified personal trainers in the London area that are ready to train you individually or in a group setting anywhere, anytime. Our mission is to empower everyone to live a great every day. We understand that fitness can be difficult to squeeze into your busy 9-5 schedule. Commute time, meal prepping and social events usually put exercise at the bottom of to-do lists. We’re here to help you stop making excuses and start making your fitness journey a priority.  

Here are 3 ways Motivate PT can help you motivate your workplace:

1. On Your Schedule

Motivate PT offers flexible training sessions for companies across London. They can offer services inside or outside the office during the most convenient time for the company.  We live by this quote Anytime, Anywhere”.

For instance, the company can decide to have an hour weekly full body workout session every Wednesday at noon in the park in front of the office. This can reenergize the team for the rest of the week. 

2. Customized Classes 

Each class can be different. The company can choose between HIIT & LIIT sessions, run circuits, yoga and boxing. These classes are not limited as we are always open to new, creative fitness ideas.

For example, one week can be kickboxing in the park and the following week can be yoga in the office boardroom after work.

3. Increase Team Bonding

Not only do we help you stay fit, we also found throughout the years that we have contributed to team bonding. Workouts can be challenging at times, so doing them as a team makes them fun and leaves the team feeling accomplished. 

Motivate PT is finally here to help you schedule fitness into your busy schedules anytime, anywhere!