Does food affect how your brain works? Absolutely.

Though we can engage in mind-sharpening, mood-lifting, and memory boosting exercises, science tells us that the human brain thrives on a continuous supply of nutrients from the foods we eat. You can think of your brain as an expensive car that wouldn’t be able to function well without the right fuel.

And yes, we’re not only talking about eating right during meal time, we’re also going to focus on snacking on healthy foods. What are some best examples of these snacks that improve your mental potential? Read this article to find out.


  1. Raspberries

You should try raspberries out – they taste super delicious and contain polyphenols that slow down the process of brain aging. If you find yourself often forgetting your car keys or important events, you’ll benefit from incorporating 3 servings of raspberries into your diet. You can eat them alone or add them on top of your whole grain waffles, salad, or smoothie.


  1. Avocados

Are you dealing with weight management issues? If that’s the reason why you have gotten rid of snacking as an important part of your day, there’s a great food alternative that’ll keep you fit and boost your brain at the same time. Try avocados! A healthy brain requires proper blood flow. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fat that contributes to this vital process.


  1. Broccoli

BroccoliThe fun thing about broccoli is that it isn’t only shaped like a brain, it’s actually good for the brain! Lignans, plant compounds that act like antioxidants, are abundantly found in broccoli. Lignans contribute to a better brain by enhancing your memory and reasoning skills. To have a delicious broccoli snack, simply bake broccoli florets topped with fresh, creamy cheese.


  1. Walnuts

You won’t go nuts with walnuts. Promise. In fact, healthy snackers add walnuts to their diet since they contain high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in the brain and support the growth of new brain cells. The best thing about walnuts is that it can be easily incorporated into your daily diet. There are many ways to eat walnuts. You can have them raw or crumble or sprinkle them on top of your seasoned cooked vegetables.


  1. Tomatoes

Most people know that tomatoes are an abundant source of lycopene, a phytonutrient that prevents various types of cancers. Lycopene is so powerful that it contributes to your brain health by counteracting brain cell damage. When shopping for tomatoes, make sure to pick those that are organic. Eating tomatoes alone may not appeal to you so try adding them to your soup, sandwich, or salad.


  1. Water

Ah, the elixir of life! While we talk about the healthiest snacks for your brain, let’s not forget drinking lots of water. In addition to the nutrients found in food, the human brain cannot function optimally without proper hydration. Water helps transport oxygen to all body cells and eliminates toxins and the byproducts of metabolism. Don’t just drink water after you exercise. Carry a bottle with you at work and wherever you go.


  1. Dark chocolate

The reason why dark chocolate makes a great brain-friendly snack is that it contains tryptophan. Tryptophan is an amino acid that converts into serotonin which is an important neurotransmitter that boosts your happy feelings. Moreover, other compounds found in this healthy snack can improve blood flow to the brain. Limit your consumption of dark chocolate to 1-2 ounces per day to reap its benefits while avoiding being at risk for diabetes.


Over to You

What are you waiting for? Now that you know that snacking right contributes to a healthier brain, you can stop feeling guilty about snacking and start practicing it today. If you have more food suggestions to share, feel free to express your thoughts in the comments below.