A personal trainer is an individual who possesses an abundance of energy. He or she will have the ability to make clients feel comfortable when they are exercising and they will be able to make the hour of training fly by, by injecting each personal training session with fun and variety.  A personal trainer should remain professional, yet at the same time, our trainers often become close friends with our clients, through all the quality time spent training!

A personal trainer should inspire you to want to exercise and look after your health. We pick personal trainers who are passionate about their craft. Health and fitness is a way of life and we want all the trainers who work for MotivatePT to embody this ethos. We want you to train with personal trainers who inspire you to get healthier, fitter, faster and stronger.

Read on for our list of what becoming a personal trainer can offer you, and the attributes you must hold if you want to consider this immensely exciting career!


1. Motivate, Motivate, Motivate

shutterstock_214209397 We are called MotivatePT for a reason, and that is because we believe that motivation is one of the most important things that a personal trainer should offer.  It is on those cold, dark mornings when you are struggling to get out of bed, or after work when you feel tired and lethargic, when you need the motivation of a personal trainer most. We believe that a fantastic personal trainer will get the best out of you on the bad days as well as the good days, and will get you from zero to a hundred with their positive and encouraging mindset. A personal trainer should use their energy and their personality to motivate you and this should be consistent whether they are training you at 6am or 8pm!


2. Devise Unique Exercise Programmes

Exercising doesn’t often come at the top of the list when we ask our clients what they enjoy most! In order to correct this, our personal trainers at MotivatePT work hard to devise exercise schedules that are full of fun and variety. No exercise session should be entirely the same. In order to progress, you should be challenging your body in new ways each time that you train. In addition to this, it is important that your personal trainer discusses your interests and hobbies and understands your personality type from the outset. A great personal trainer will be able to successfully incorporate everything you represent into your training programme. For example, if you used to enjoy dancing as a child, your one hour session may include a 15 minute dancing routine as your cardio segment. Or if you have suffered from an injury, our trainers will find a way to work around this, so you are still gaining the maximum benefit from your sessions.

A personal trainer must have the mindfulness to create unique and tailored routines that keep you engaged and help you to look and feel your best!


3. Educate

Personal Training should be an education. We have a wide range of clients, from beginners to experienced athletes. No matter what point you start at, your personal training experience should teach you about your body, your mental strength and how to train effectively. Your trainer will educate you about your exercising technique, about your breathing and about how to target each muscle group effectively. In time, you should feel confident enough to train on your own, in between your sessions. Once you have mastered the exercising techniques, which will keep you safe when training, our personal trainers can devise exercise schedules, tailored to your ability. This will further enhance your results and help you adopt exercise more easily as a part of your lifestyle.


4. Nutritional Guidance

shutterstock_272430821We all know that exercising and staying active is only half of your journey. What and how you eat is just as important and we want to offer you a holistic approach. A personal trainer will advise you on your current eating habits and devise a nutritional plan for you to follow, if they feel that you aren’t looking after yourself adequately.

What you eat should fuel your lifestyle and your training sessions and it should give you the energy you need to live your life to the limits!


5. Health Assessment

All of our personal trainers are able to carry out health assessments and they often do this at the first meeting to assess if there are any health concerns that may affect your training.  Checking your heart rate, your blood pressure and your Body Mass Index (BMI) will help our personal trainers to check for any red flags. It will also help them to understand your lifestyle a lot better.


6. Develop Strong Client Relationships

A personal trainer should be able to build a rapport with each and every client. To be a great personal trainer, you must be a ‘people person’. This role is not for the unsociable! We have no ‘typical’ client. Our youngest client is 16 and our oldest client is almost 90. We work with people who love exercising to individuals who are filled with anxiety at the thought of training. Regardless of your age, gender, or background, a personal trainer will make you feel at ease and find a way to engage with you.  Many of our personal trainers develop very strong relationships with our clients, and take on the role of confidant, mentor and friend.


7. Help You To Set Realistic Goals

Often, it is hard to set realistic goals for yourself. One extreme is to be overambitious and plan for a body transformation overnight. It is inevitable that you will end up disappointed and defeated when you don’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model after just a few days of exercise. The other extreme is to become complacent and not challenge yourself enough. The same gym routine, or weekly run isn’t going to create transformational results, if this is what you are aiming for.

A personal trainer will start by assessing your lifestyle. They will consider your work/life balance, the hours you spend sleeping, your current diet and exercise routine and they will set realistic goals for you, that can be measured. The guidance of a fitness professional is very often the differentiating factor that can take you from mediocre to sensational results.