There is something to be said when you’re feeling fatigued because you’re not only tired but you’re also lacking motivation. However, you’ve scheduled a workout today, do you go even when feeling fatigued?

The short answer… Yes.

It could be due to jet lag, a sleepless night with a restless child or a long, stressful day at work but when fatigue strikes the last thing you want to do is exercise.

However, current research shows that regular, low intensity exercise is beneficial to improving feelings of fatigue while boosting energy levels, according to a study conducted by the University of Georgia.

In fact, low intensity exercise such as walking was found to decrease fatigue by up to 65% and boost energy levels by 20%. This surpassed findings from those undergoing moderately intense exercise with only a reduction of 49% in feelings of fatigue. Though, both forms of low and moderately intense exercise outperformed those who did not perform any exercise in both feelings of fatigue and energy levels.

So when you’re next feeling fatigued, rather than relaxing on the couch you should instead opt for a low intensity activity such as walking, low intensity cycling, yoga, rowing or using the elliptical machine at the gym.

If you have scheduled in a moderate to high intensity exercise, we would recommend either opting for a lower intensity exercise or not pushing yourself to the limit.

And, if you do feel like you are too fatigued for even a slow walk then please do rest up and reschedule your workout for another day.

If you struggle with fatigue on a daily basis and feel that is affecting your fitness journey, please contact us at MotivatePT. We will match you with a personal training specialist to help you manage your fatigue, boost your energy levels and get you back on track to achieving your fitness goals.