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19 01, 2018

Personal Training Marketing

2018-04-30T11:21:45+01:00January 19th, 2018|

Here is MotivatePT’s self-promotion guide, to help you to make the most of your knowledge and expertise. You can have the tidiest 8-week training programmes lined up or, you can know the quadriceps femoris inside out. But if you haven’t got enough clients to be imparting your wisdom [...]

8 01, 2018

How to Stay Motivated

2018-06-11T16:03:40+01:00January 8th, 2018|

It can often take a lot of courage to start exercising. Years of bad eating and general neglect can wreak havoc on the body and leave you feeling unfit and frumpy. Having a baby or an injury can also place you out of action and cause your fitness [...]

6 01, 2018

Healthy Food Trends For 2018

2018-04-30T11:22:21+01:00January 6th, 2018|

Now that 2017 has come to an end, the chia seed smoothie bowls, overnight oats, unicorn & glitter coffees are all over too. Healthy foods are constantly evolving, some turn out to be passing trends, and others become a part of our daily routines. Here are MotivatePT’s predictions on [...]

5 12, 2017

Healthier Mince Pies

2018-04-30T11:09:42+01:00December 5th, 2017|

You can not have Christmas without at least 1 mince pie! However, traditional mince pie recipes contain a lot of sugar and butter, which makes them extremely calorific. Our recipe contains half the fat so you can still enjoy this tradition over christmas without feeling guilty. Ingredients: 125g [...]

2 12, 2017

Healthy Eggnog

2018-04-30T11:11:48+01:00December 2nd, 2017|

Eggnog is been typically made lots of sugar, eggs, and heavy cream. This 1 drink contains a lot of calories with very little nutritional value. However, you can still enjoy all of the traditional drinks and foods just by switching certain ingredients to healthier ones. We have chosen [...]

30 11, 2017

Healthy Chocolate Yule Log

2018-04-30T11:11:58+01:00November 30th, 2017|

We’re counting down the days until christmas, it’s a great time of year as we’re surrounded by our family and friends, and also the delicious seasonal foods. This year try a healthier xmas by making this low carb yule log which is packed full of protein. You’ll be [...]

26 11, 2017

White Rice VS Brown Rice

2018-04-30T11:12:10+01:00November 26th, 2017|

Rice has become a very confusing grain, is it bad or is it good? There are many diets out there which tell you to remove all carbohydrates from your daily intake of food…but why? MotivatePT will guide you through the differences between white and brown rice to help [...]

20 11, 2017

Banana Chips

2018-04-30T11:12:18+01:00November 20th, 2017|

These homemade baked banana chips are guilt-free and deliciously sweet! They are easy to make and are the perfect go-to snack. To make these in a batch all you need is 5 minutes, 2 bananas, half a lemon. Place them into the oven for 3 hours, checking them [...]