MotivatePT’s Swinter Smoothie. It’s the term coined to describe this weird mix of seasons we have seen in the UK, which can only be described as summer-winter! As well as finding it difficult to keep up with the weather each day and decide what appropriate attire to wear, it’s also left many people already experiencing some early and unseasonal sniffles and aches.

Why are smoothies great in the winter?

We have conjured up this Swinter Smoothie to help you beat any early winter blues and to make sure you can make the most out of what is left of our British summer. This mix of carrot, orange and ginger is packed full of nutrients and it will help you to get the bounce back in your step. Even if you don’t feel unwell, this is a fantastic juice that will make sure you’re ready for Autumn.

What nutrients are in this smoothie?

The orange component of the smoothie provides you with your Vitamin C, which is simply necessary for a healthy immune system and to combat colds. Oranges also add a juicy sweetness to the drink and are a fantastic fruit because they are easy to source all year round!

Carrots are closely related to parsnips and celery and are at their best when they are eaten raw, because of their high nutritional properties. If possible, try to blend them with their skin, which contains a lot of goodness! Carrots are loaded with Vitamin A, which is closely linked to eye health and also give you another hit of that much needed Vitamin C.

Your secret smoothie ingredient is of course the ginger! For many, the taste of ginger is quite strong, in which case we advise to add this sparingly but if you are a fan of the peppery taste, like us, then the more the better. We chose raw ginger for this recipe, which is very cheap to buy, but you can also use a powdered version. Ginger is a great addition because it has warming properties, so when you feel that cold coming on, it’s the best ingredient to have to hand!

What’s the recipe

Serves 1

  • One carrot, ideally unpeeled and sliced into chunks
  • One large juicing orange
  • ½ inch fresh ginger, unpeeled

Blend these ingredients with water to create your desired consistency.  We fill our nutribullet flask to the water Max line. Adding ice is optional. For a sweeter taste, add more oranges.

And Voila.

*We are using our Nutribullet for this recipe, but you can use any juicer available to you.*