Fitness is a journey and we all know – maybe from experience – that there are no quick fixes that truly stick. Fortunately, there are some quick tricks to de-bloat when we wake up feeling a little more plump than usual and utterly uncomfortable. Read on for our tips to feeling less bloated by dinner!

So, what is bloating exactly? It’s that uncomfortable feeling we usually get after eating a big meal (like after Christmas dinner when you swear you can’t eat again until the New Year). The feeling is caused by excess gas production or abnormalities in muscle movement in the digestive system. And it’s not just after a big meal, sometimes you wake up with that feeling. It’s temporary but it can be discouraging and affect our body image, so below are a few tips to break up the gas and normalize your muscles, which should have you feeling a little more comfortable by dinner.

1. Get Back to Basics

Get your morning kicking with a cup of hot water and lemon. We’ve all heard it a million times because there are so many benefits and well … it actually works. It’s not the most flavorful drink but the lemon juice will promote digestion and the hot water will help to break down the gas in your stomach.

Lemon juice is also super rich in Vitamin C and will help to give your immune system a boost. We know, not quite as comparable to the energy rush after your usual morning coffee.

2. Opt for Still

As great as sparkling water is, you’re going to have to back to boring old still water, at least for the day. The air in carbonated drinks will just add to the gas bubbling around in your tummy. So, keep far from sodas, beers and yes prosecco.

If you can’t manage the taste of regular water, try Sainsbury’s Still Flavored Water.

3. Feel the flow

Yoga is an awesome stress reliever and great way to detox the body. Certain yoga poses such as the bow pose, and open triangle engage the muscles in your belly and help move things along. If you wake up feeling bloated, you can check in with us to see when next you could get in a yoga session.

As a long-term preventative measure, regular exercise increases the gastric emptying rare, which decreases the risk of bloating. So, consider incorporating regular fitness into your lifestyle.

4. Mind your manners

We know large meals are one of the major culprits of bloating. Have fewer meals more frequently during the day to help keep your digestive system moving – also eat slower to avoid swallowing a lot of air. So, if you typically eat 3 times a day, maybe have a smaller lunch and dinner than usual and incorporate some healthy snacks in between. Try our baked sweet potato crisps or our super yummy sea salt and garlic kale crisps for example.

5. Get to the root

There are tons of reasons you could be feeling bloated. And if it’s a reoccurring problem you want to figure out the root cause to avoid it. Constipation is one of the main culprits. The longer stool sits in your bowel, the more it ferments releasing gases and making you bloated. If you are constipated, try to load up on fiber and water to get your bowels moving.

Bloating can also be caused by food intolerances which can cause inflammation in the gut as a result of digestive issues. If you think you may have a food intolerance try taking digestive enzyme supplements and probiotics to help with digestion. In the long term you may want to try trial elimination diets to figure out what food is causing your symptoms.

Menstrual bloating is a whole other beast in itself. It’s often one of the premenstrual syndrome symptoms. As hormone levels change leading up to your menstrual cycle, this causes the body to retain more water and salt making the body’s cells swell with water – causing the feeling of bloating. Tackling menstrual bloating is a little different because you’re trying to reduce water retention as opposed to reducing the gas in your digestive track.

These tips should help you get back to feeling yourself again quickly! However, it’s important to speak to your GP if bloating is a persistent problem. There could be so many underlying issues with long term solutions!