Many studies have been composed to understand the basics of how successful people get ahead and most importantly how they stay ahead. These in-demand individuals have never ending ‘to-do’ lists, businesses to run, decisions to make and yet they still only have the same number of hours in a day as the rest of us. An insight which has fascinated us looked at their routines and sleeping patterns and found that many of the worlds busiest and most successful individuals achieved key tasks first thing in the morning, whilst many of us are still asleep! By waking early they utilised the first three hours of their day before breakfast to do things that might otherwise be forgotten. Read on for their top tips for a successful day and join us in avoiding the oh-so-tempting snooze button.

1. Exercise

Being active and healthy is an absolute must if you are busy running a business or acting as a key decision maker. To increase your chances of a long and healthy life then fitness must feature as a top priority. Exercising has many mental benefits and leaves you feeling more focused, more confident and more energetic for the day ahead. It is a part of the day that can easily be foregone by the time you are swept up into meetings and your usual day-to-day activities so by working up a sweat first thing, you can have a guilt-free day.


2. Read

Many of the world’s busiest people have little time to sit in tranquil peace, let alone read a book. When interviewed, reading popped up as a great start to the day and a way to enrich the mind and ensure you have your finger on the pulse of breaking news. From catching up on global affairs, to reading about relevant topics that pique your interest, it is a great way to stay inspired and knowledgeable.


3. Eat a healthy breakfast

Start your day as you intend to go on and do this by choosing a healthy balanced meal, which will keep your energy levels high all morning long. Too often, our clients tell us that they often skip breakfast because they are too busy or when they do make time for breakfast they often grab something on the go. The breakfast options available when on the move are very often packed with too much sugar and too little nutrition. Wake up early and take the time to prepare a nutritious breakfast meal. It will inspire better meal choices for the rest of the day!


4. Spend quality time with your loved ones

With individuals working longer hours, kids engaging in their extra-curricular activities and technological distractions filling up our evenings, it is easy to miss out on quality time with friends and family. A slot in the early morning before everyone gets occupied, over breakfast or coffee, is a great way to spend time with friends and family. Family breakfast has easily replaced family dinner as the most convenient and fulfilling time to spend catching up with those you love.


5. Prioritise and strategise

Decide what tasks hold the most priority and make your to-do list for the day. By organising your thoughts and spending time on your highest priority tasks you can feel more at ease for the rest of the day knowing you have allocated your time correctly. There is nothing more damaging to your productivity than general chaos and lack of direction.

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