It can be quite a shock to the system when Christmas festivities come to an end. It’s hard to fight the food cravings after the overindulgence but January brings with it, a promise of new beginnings and wellbeing. It is during the month of January that so many of us find the willpower to cut out the junk and focus on our health. Unfortunately, this period of focus isn’t always long-lasting. This is often because old habits start to creep back in and we can begin to over-complicate what a healthy life looks like.

Cooking healthy, filling meals doesn’t have to involve long days in the kitchen! In fact, there are many simple dinners you can make in thirty minutes and under. Meals that will provide you with nourishment, energy and that your body will thank you for. Below we list five our top recipe ideas for a healthy and fitness-focused January.  We hope you can use this list for inspiration when in the kitchen, or why not give each meal a try for four consecutive days and see how you get on!


Healthy foodThis simple recipe doesn’t need to be reserved for breakfast. A frittata tastes amazing no matter the time of the day and it is a light dinner that won’t leave you feeling bloated. Use eggs, egg whites and whatever veggies are in your fridge to cook up an amazing frittata. The versatility of the ingredients and the simplicity of the dish make it our go-to meal when you need a meal ready in record time.

Our favourite frittata combinations are tomato, asparagus and feta cheese or mushroom, peas and ham.

Stir Fry

To make a delicious stir fry, you firstly need a great wok. Once you have this, you can stock up your cupboard with some essentials like soy sauce and chinese spices and all the other necessary ingredients are simple staples. Chicken, pork and beef all work great in a stir fry, or you can opt for tofu or keep to just the vegetables making this again an incredibly versatile dish, no matter what your preferences. Cook your meat first and then throw in whatever vegetables you have to hand – we like to use sliced peppers, mushrooms, spring onions, beansprouts and lots of ginger.

Mashed Avocado on Toast

avocado on toast

If you aren’t including avocados in your diet currently, then you are missing a trick, because this superfood tops the list in terms of nutrients. This simple recipe goes from fridge to table in just ten minutes. Use whole-wheat bread to add some additional fibre and choose a ripe avocado so once mashed, it has a creamy and smooth texture. You can add a dash of lemon, a poached egg, feta cheese or salmon to add variety to this simple weeknight dish.

Roasted Vegetables and Chicken

This go-to weeknight dish is one of our absolute favourites. Make sure you pre-heat your oven whilst you are prepping your vegetables for super quick results and use whatever veggies tickle your fancy from butternut squash to sweet potato to sliced peppers. Crush a few whole garlic cloves to add additional flavour and add some lemons, cut into quarters, which will infuse the dish as it roasts in the oven. For a hit of protein, you can add some chicken breasts and let the dish sizzle to golden greatness in just 30 minutes.