A person can only eat so many sandwiches. Wasabi provides an alternative option for Londoners who want to switch up their lunch. With their wide range of options, there are a variety of healthy options, but you have to choose wisely. The bright, modern decor may imply that you’re eating clean, nutritious food, but you should always be on the lookout for the carbs hiding in the rice cakes and noodles. Wasabi is great for those who are on the go and are looking for something quick and easy, yet nutritious.

Spicy Salmon Gunkan

Gunkan is full of nutrition. The raw roe has a lot of protein and vitamins, and it shows. With over 8g of protein and less than 178 calories per serving, this dish is a great way to keep your healthy habits in check.

Sashimi Set

If you love sushi, but are wary of carbs, try switching to Wasabi’s Sashimi Set. With only 2.4 carbs per 100g, this raw fish dish is a great way to indulge in some Japanese cuisine. You get a high amount of protein without the empty carbohydrates.

Veg Tanmen

Are you gluten-free, but really miss enjoying a bowl of noodles? Wasabi’s Veg Tanmen has only 9.3g of carbs, which is not bad for a noodle-based dish. And it’s only 230 cal per 100g. Enjoy the taste of a traditional noodle bowl, without the empty calories.

Spicy Veg Okonomiyaki

Calling all the vegetarian friends out there! Spicy Veg Okonomiyaki may have 25.4g carbs (per 100), but with total fat being 3.1g, we can say it’s worth it. There are limited options for vegetarians and it can be difficult finding a low fat/ low carb dish, but Wasabi has the one for you!

Mango Bubble Tea

But what about something sweet? If you feel like enjoying a traditional Japanese treat, the mango bubble tea is by far the best dessert with the least carbs. And it’s suitable for vegans, vegetarians, and those with gluten-intolerance.