Ditch the carbs and sweat it out with our tips on how YOU can incorporate a workout into your lunch break. Let’s face it, finding time to fit in a workout isn’t easy. Some of us just aren’t early risers, some of us end up saying yes to that after-work drink when we know we have a class to go to. So when it comes to your lunch break, what’s your excuse?

1. Schedule your workouts the weekend before

Putting your workouts/plans in your diary will encourage you to commit to your training and increase the chances of you going. You can do so by using the online client portal and using your own private calendar.

2. Pack your training kit the night before

If you’ve packed the night before this will mean you can grab your kit in the morning and go. Especially if you’re running late!

3. Make your own lunch to avoid the temptation

Bringing your own lunch with you means you can avoid spending an extra 10 minutes going out to buy food which can be spent on working out! This may also avoid falling into the trap of buying that extra snack you don’t need!

4. Try a Variable Intensity Interval Training (VIIT) Workout

This type of training targets not just the muscles in your entire body, but also the different energy systems your body uses. If you’re short on time it’s a great way to do different types of training all in one session.

5. Workout before eating

It’s been proven that through exercising without too much fat in your stomach you’ll increase your metabolism of body fat. Skipping lunch will mean your body has to get the energy from somewhere else and therefore it will start to burn that body fat you’ve been trying to get rid of. So you still eat lunch, just after your workout.