Our MotivatePT team is hand picked based on their qualifications (Level 3 as a minimum) and their experience. In this series, we bring you the scoop on why our trainers became coaches and what gives them their drive.

Our trainer Josh is a rare pearl in the world of personal training. He will take you on a fitness journey that will cover pre-movement preparation, strength, power, speed, core training, nutrition and mental toughness. What inspires Josh about what he does is being able to use fitness to help others though challenging parts of their life.

What are your areas of expertise in fitness?

I started being a personal trainer four years ago and decided to specialise in some specific areas that I appreciate particularly: Kettlebells and suspension training, pre/post natal training and specific physical preparation. I am also a real boxing enthusiast and always carry gloves and pads with me.  

How would you describe your training style? 

I make a point of getting a client to move efficiently and effectively regardless of their background. This is essential to build solid foundations in fundamental movement patterns. Generally speaking, I have a strong desire to help and develop people, physically as well as mentally. My attitude is that if I am going to do something, I should put every effort into it.

What do you think are the most important qualities as a personal trainer? 

Empathy is the quality I consider the most important in a personal trainer. By understanding what our clients are thinking and what their goals are, I can manage to find the right words and type of training to motivate them and help them to achieve their goals. I think a good PT should have this strong desire to help people in their fitness but also personal journey. In a nutshell, we need to to have a positive influence on someone’s life.

How would you usually conduct a 60 minute training session? 

Everything starts with a warm up obviously. I usually do 5 to 10 minute working on mobility specific drills and muscle activation. The main strength training program comes right after and lasts 30 to 35 minutes. I would then follow on with 10 minute conditioning where I include some crossfit exercises and I would conclude the session with a mobility and supplementary work and a 5 minute cool down.

In between two sessions, I would really encourage my clients to exercise by themselves using mobility drills, muscle activation drills as well as do some form of modified conditioning depending on their skill level. I will of course, help them develop the training plan to use between sessions!