It is likely that your New Year’s goals will involve cleaning up your diet and finally losing that bit of extra weight. But why is it that the large majority of New Year’s diets fail? And how can you make sure you stick to it this time? The key is to go slowly and not start with anything too drastic. The following tips will ensure the success of your New Year’s diet.

8 Suggestions:

1. Skip the extreme restriction

It is commonly known that restricting food will lead to a binge cycle, and you’ll likely put on the same amount of weight that you lost, if not more. Yo-yo diets may see a short-term weight loss due to the caloric restriction, however it isn’t sustainable, not to mention is really miserable! It also stresses the body, so it’s best to avoid really restrictive crash diets and just slowly make little changes.

2. Change up your snacks

We’ve all been there – over Christmas, when you’re peckish, you head straight for those festive chocolates or sweets. Instead of these sugary treats, incorporate more fruits and protein-rich snacks into your diet when you feel a hunger pang.

3. Think about addition, not subtraction

Changing your mindset around dieting can be really helpful – instead of thinking about what you are going to take out of your diet, focus on the abundance and what you can add in! This can involve lots of delicious veggies and great protein sources.

4. Make little daily changes

Whether it be adding more oily fish or fibre into your diet, by setting small daily targets, you will see an overall change much quicker in a far less daunting way. Even just adding a piece of fruit as a snack everyday will reap rewards.

5. Up the hydration

Hydration really is key. It is actually common to think you’re hungry when you’re really just thirsty and want a huge glass of water! Aim to have eight cups of water a day, and both your body and mind will thank you.

6. Think in colour

Aim to get in as many colourful vegetables as you can! The more colour, the more vitamins and minerals you’ll be getting into your system, not to mention the more varied and delicious your meals will become!

7. Stop mindless eating

During Christmas, we tend to lose track of our hunger cues and eat all day long. While mindless eating can be tasty and fun, your body isn’t asking for the food and it can make you feel sluggish and unwell. Try to tap back into your hunger cues and fuel yourself when you really feel the need! Instead of nibbling away without really realising it while watching TV, maybe make yourself a dessert or get a snack-size pack of popcorn to snack on.

8. Reward yourself!

You deserve to treat yourself if you’ve had a great week of being on track, or have made it to the gym regularly. Instead of thinking about food-related treats, maybe book a massage or pedicure! Or even go on a shopping spree.