Crazy to think that we’re now just 2 months away from a new year… 2020. While it’s safe to say that we’ve all achieved a lot this year; sometimes goals in other areas of our life can over-take our priorities towards our fitness ambitions, especially in a fast-paced career driven place like London. 

It’s important to remember that we all have different outlooks and goals when it comes to fitness. The physique that a bodybuilder is working towards in the gym is likely to be very different to the physique that a gymnast wants to achieve. Keeping this in mind can stop us from comparing ourselves to others and stay self-focussed on reaching towards the goals that we personally want to achieve. 

Recognising that we all have different outlooks and goals when it comes to exercising, aligns with our values at MotivatePT as we prioritise connecting you with a PT specifically tailored for your unique fitness ambitions. 

Furthermore, as the colder winter months approach, the social aspect of exercise becomes a more pivotal factor than in the hot summer months in staying motivated. We all know when the sun is shining it is much easier to motivate yourself to go for a run. The benefits of a more social experience towards exercise is proven in helping increase consistency. Training with a PT brings not only this, but also someone who will help keep you accountable towards the high standards you set for yourself. Surrounding yourself with people who have the results you want is a great way to learn the approach towards your own specific fitness ambitions. 

As we go into 2020 let’s all endeavour to have more self-focus, less comparison and try to keep exercising socially to remain motivated as the cold weather inevitably hits our beautiful city…