23 05, 2018

Intermittent Fasting Explained

2018-08-27T16:42:31+00:00 May 23rd, 2018|

Intermittent fasting is all the rage at the moment, with lots of studies currently being undertaken about its potential health benefits, whether it be to lose fat, prolong lifespan or generally enhance our health. But before embarking on this diet, it is important to know what intermittent fasting [...]

27 03, 2018

How to Perform a Reverse Crunch

2018-04-30T11:17:01+00:00 March 27th, 2018|

Crunches are often performed in everyone's workout. Whilst they are great at targeting your upper abdominals, they do not engage your lower abs. By incorporating the reverse crunch in your next workout, you will then be targeting your whole abdominal area. Performing reverse crunches are great because they [...]

20 03, 2018

How to Perform Tricep Dips

2018-04-30T11:17:10+00:00 March 20th, 2018|

Triceps are usually neglected and are often not worked in the correct way.  Whether you are a looking to gain muscle strength or are just looking to tone up, its very important to work these muscles as well as the biceps. Triceps also help to stabilize the shoulder [...]

13 03, 2018

How to Perform a Clean & Press

2018-04-30T11:17:18+00:00 March 13th, 2018|

Many people do not realise the importance of performing the correct technique and form whilst exercising with weights. With the added resistance, it can be very easy to pull multiple muscles. The clean and press uses the whole body so it's crucial that you perfect this move before [...]