13 03, 2018

How to Perform a Clean & Press

2018-04-30T11:17:18+00:00 March 13th, 2018|

Many people do not realise the importance of performing the correct technique and form whilst exercising with weights. With the added resistance, it can be very easy to pull multiple muscles. The clean and press uses the whole body so it's crucial that you perfect this move before [...]

28 02, 2018

Exercise Ball Workout

2018-04-30T11:17:48+00:00 February 28th, 2018|

Are you bored of your usual exercise routine? Are you not seeing results? Then try MotivatePT’s exercise ball workout! There is a lot of different fitness equipment available, but the swiss ball will work your entire body. Because the ball is unstable, this means that your body has [...]

23 02, 2018

10 Tips for Beginner Runners

2018-04-30T11:19:27+00:00 February 23rd, 2018|

Running has many benefits; it can help you to lose weight, keep fit and healthy, improve self-esteem, and also enable you to achieve personal goals. If you’re keen to begin running or want to return to this activity after a long absence then there are many different things [...]

21 02, 2018

Why Do We Need Carbs?

2018-04-30T11:19:41+00:00 February 21st, 2018|

Over the years, carbs have been given a bad name. Within the media, we have seen articles which tell you to ‘avoid carbs’ or to ‘cut carbs to lose weight.’ However, these statements are not recommended by MotivatePT. We will go on to explain the importance of carbohydrates [...]

16 02, 2018

Why Do We Need Protein?

2018-04-30T11:09:10+00:00 February 16th, 2018|

Protein, why is it so important in our diet? How much protein do we need? Where does protein come from? All these questions are commonly asked by many. Hense, MotivatePT has produced this guide to inform you of all the information about protein, what it is used for [...]

7 02, 2018

Our Top 6 At-Home Ab Exercises

2018-04-30T11:19:55+00:00 February 7th, 2018|

One desire from many of our clients' that occurs often, is that they want to work towards achieving ‘abs’. In order for you to have a defined and toned look, it is important for you to understand what muscles are involved within the whole abdominal area. MotivatePT has [...]

19 01, 2018

Personal Training Marketing

2018-04-30T11:21:45+00:00 January 19th, 2018|

Here is MotivatePT’s self-promotion guide, to help you to make the most of your knowledge and expertise. You can have the tidiest 8-week training programmes lined up or, you can know the quadriceps femoris inside out. But if you haven’t got enough clients to be imparting your wisdom [...]