We all mean to curb our relentless appetites at this time of the year but with so many sweets and treats readily available, it is little wonder our clients feel they need to return to training with a vengeance when the New Year begins.

This blog is designed to help you navigate your way through the next month with as little damage to your waistline as possible. Read on for MotivatePT’s top five tips to help you to stay on track this Christmas.

1. Eat Before You Party

There will be plenty of social and work gatherings over this period and lots of fatty and unhealthy finger food on offer! It is easy to lose track of how many sausage rolls and mince pies you can end up munching on when you are socialising on an empty stomach.  To help control temptation, fill up before you head out with a portion controlled meal, and this will help you avoid having a canapé dinner!

2. Start Your January Fitness Plan Now

Festive FitnessMany of us find ways to excuse our lack of self-control in December with big plans for change and transformation as soon as January arrives. We make life so much harder on ourselves in the New Year and we don’t definitely don’t think that feeling bloated, overweight and unconfident is the way that anyone should ring in 2016. It makes much more sense to start your fitness plans now, so that you can enjoy the extra temptations over Christmas, without feeling guilty. It also means you have made some serious progress by the time January arrives!

3. Make Substitutions

Making substitutions is one of the most powerful ways to stay fully involved in all your usual festive activities this Christmas but not feel the effects! From your annual work Christmas dinner to celebrating the season with your friends, to Christmas day itself, why not plan ahead with some sensible options?

Many restaurants will have their menus displayed online and for large group bookings, you may even need to pre-book your meal. Avoid the extra serving of greased potatoes and opt for some extra parsnips, or choose a starter of soup rather than fried calamari when you dine out.  Dessert can also be tricky, but there is nearly always a fruit option on the menu, which will just as effectively satisfy your sweet tooth.

4. Avoid the Festive Lattes

Coffee LatteFestive Lattes are oh so tempting during the Christmas period and they help us all feel a little bit more festive during the cold winter months. However, we are certain that many of you would stop and think twice if you knew the true calorie damage that one latte could do. The lattes on offer at your favourite coffee shops can contain up to 500 calories and 11 teaspoons of sugar in just one serving! We will definitely be sticking to our usual Americano during December.

5. Be the Designated Driver

Every social function over this period needs a designated driver and by taking on this role, you can know with certainty that you are going to avoid lots of empty calories in the form of alcoholic drinks. There is plenty of time to have your favourite tipple over these next few months, so take some nights off and be everyone’s favourite person when you generously offer to take on this role!