It’s the start of 2018 and many of us are filled with optimism and hope for the year ahead. One of the most common themes that feature in everyone’s list of resolutions is fitness. We all want to feel more body confident and work on self-improvement but so many of our plans tend to fall by the wayside once January has passed.

In today’s blog, we wanted to share some key tips on how to make New Year resolutions that will last the whole of 2018 and into the future.

Make Your Fitness Goals Realistic

One of the most common errors that we all make is to start the year with unrealistic goals. In the space of a month, we all plan to have washboard abs or we plan to drop four dress sizes. Whatever your fitness goals are, it’s important to remain realistic and allow appropriate time to achieve these goals.

If you are overweight, you need to remind yourself that it has taken months or years for your health to deteriorate so you need to allow yourself a similar timeframe to reach a healthy weight again. If you set over-ambitious targets you will no doubt end up demoralised and quit way ahead of schedule. Be patient and your fitness program will pay off.

Train With Someone

Buddying up with a friend or training with a personal trainer will make you accountable. You will need to attend every scheduled training session and you will need a valid excuse for each one that you miss!

If you lack motivation, then you should definitely look for a training partner who can keep you on track. If you are new to exercising, then a personal trainer can also help to educate you about how to exercise safely and efficiently.

Map Your Progress

Mapping out your progress is important in order to stay on track.  It is easy to start a fitness program but it is hard to stick to it. Life can often get hectic and come in the way of your goals, which is why you should always be working on a 4-6 week plan.

I personally enjoy writing things down. I plan the days I will work-out a week in advance and I have a clear idea of what my meals will look like. Keeping a food and fitness diary and keeping track of your weight gain or loss means that you can very clearly map your progress and know for certain if you are going to achieve the goals you have set yourself.

There are also countless apps and websites if you are more technological. It means that there is no way you can fool yourself that you have been healthy when you know that you haven’t!

Don’t Crash Diet

One of the worst ways you can start the New Year is by following a fad crash diet. Serial dieters often yo-yo in weight and this can lead to serious disillusionment about your body and fitness. Before you start a diet, ask yourself if you could realistically live the rest of your life following its rules. If the answer is no, then the diet is just a temporary fix, that will no doubt end up in disappointment when you struggle to stick to it.

We believe in adopting a healthy eating plan that easily becomes a lifestyle choice. This means making common sense choices, such as ditching processed foods, keeping your sugar intake low and making healthy homemade meals rather than ordering takeaways. Your food needs to provide you with energy, especially if you are taking up a fitness plan, so a diet lacking in nutrition will only inhibit you from achieving your goals.