September is almost here, life is slowly returning to normal. The kids will be going back to school, you might be heading into the office or maybe continuing to work from home. Hopefully, the beginning of new routines. Having a routine may seem boring since it implies you are doing the same thing over and over again. However, having a consistent routine can be vital for a healthy and productive lifestyle and mindset. 

By having a routine you will realise that you have more time than you thought and you’ll have more energy to do the things you love. Building a routine is something that has been covered by so many people in many different ways: Ted talks, books, blogs, self help videos, etc showing just what a huge and powerful topic it really is.. 

How can having a routine benefit me? 

Can improve your mental health 

Being disorganised creates chaos which can cause stress. If you develop a consistent routine it can help to ease some of your stress as your life will have more order and structure. Dr. Steve Orma, a CBT clinical psychologist who specializes in treating insomnia, anxiety, and stress, says that routine is a big part of the work he does in all these areas. “To manage anxiety,” he says, “you need to consistently check in with yourself about what you’re worrying about, then address it. Just as we create routines with exercise for our physical bodies, we should do the same for our mental health. One way to do this is scheduling ‘thinking time’ to think through any problems or worries weighing on you instead of letting them build up.” Orma went on to say that: “Routine also helps with stress … Create a set schedule for doing chores, work tasks, meetings, exercise, paying bills, and all the usual things you need to do. Put these into your schedule. Once this becomes your normal routine, it’s easier to accomplish everything, because it becomes habit.” 

A routine can help to increase your efficiency

Keeping a constant routine that you do over and over again can help your ability to complete your everyday tasks. Because as the saying goes: Practice makes perfect. Soon your everyday tasks will become second nature and you won’t even need to think about doing them because it’ll be natural. By doing this it can help to free up conscious memories which can work on any new challenges you may face. This will make you more efficient and increase your productivity. 

It brings structure into your life

To get the most out of a day structure is vital and can provide you with the tools to be successful. Having a good foundation level of organization can help you to plan your days and what is important to focus on. Once you have completed one step you know what is to follow for example your morning run is followed by a shower then breakfast. By having a clear structure it can help you to plan days in advance and help you get the most of your week. 

Improves sleep quality

We need at least 7 hours of sleep to function properly and if your life lacks routine there is no guarantee you can schedule in enough quality sleep. By having a routine you can find that you are able to have quality sleep for 7 hours or more as you will have finished your day on time. 

Build ‘me time’ into your life

We all know how easy it is to skip ‘me time’. This is different for everyone; it could be a long bath, an hour of reading, a workout with your personal trainer, or meeting with friends weekly. This is pivotal to a happier life, so a carefully thought out plan will make sure this is always at the top of your priorities! 

Daily routines turn big tasks into smaller ones 

Creating a daily routine means that you can dedicate time to specific tasks which ensures they don’t build up. For example if you spend 10 minutes every day having a tidy up around the house you won’t get to Sunday and be overwhelmed by having to do a huge clean that could take hours.. 

Improves your determination 

Starting a routine is not easy, it may take you about a month to get into the swing of things but soon it will become a habit. You will have to have a lot of determination and willpower to make sure you stick to your routine and complete everything that needs to be done. Once you see the positive impact this is having on your life the reward circuit of your brain will encourage you to push your determination to new heights. And the result will be that you are able to achieve more than you have ever done before. 

As you can see, having a routine has many benefits that can help transform your life and how you live it. If you are still unsure whether it can really affect your life check out these YouTube videos giving you more examples of how having a routine can change your life. 

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