Have you been setting fitness goals year in and year out? Originally thinking it would be easy to stick to them, but somehow you find yourself off track once again.

Then let me ask you a couple of questions; How often do you set yourself goals? Goals, to reach a certain weight, to cut down on booze or simply just eating healthier?

Trust me you are not alone, many of us feel like we are going around in circles when it comes to setting and sticking to our personal fitness goals.

Setting your goals is something very personal. What works for someone else, will not always work for you.

Three Steps To Setting Your Goals:

1. Staying Accountable

You need to set goals that you are passionate about. If you are struggling to find out what that is, then you can ask yourself the following question: What does success look like for me?

Once you have established at least three goals you are truly passionate about, make sure to share them with your Motivate PT. Sharing will increase your chances of sticking to your goals and will help you stay accountable.

2. Understand things have to change

In order to achieve your fitness goals this time around, you have to understand the cost of change. You have to make adjustments to your daily habits in order to change.

If you are unsure how you can manage these changes you can sit down with your PT to discuss your options. This is a great place to start, as they will be able to offer you guidance and experience.

3. Set short term goals

Stop setting yourself goals that are way too far in the future to reach. This will leave you feeling overwhelmed and will definitely set you back.

Set yourself short term targets with the end goal in mind. Here at MotivatePT, we encourage monthly meetings with your PT’s so that you can make sure you discuss and stay accountable with your goals. If you would like to discuss this topic further then send us an email: office@motivatept.com