‘Those who sweat together, stay together!’

There are many studies which have shown that people have outstanding results when training with another person/other people. Not only can you challenge each other with healthy competition, you can also support and motivate one another to work at a higher intensity. Working together can also improve your individual technique and form. Studies have also shown that working with someone else adds to your own accountability. Therefore, as a result it has been proven that you are much more likely to commit to the workout, instead of cancelling when someone else is involved. This automatically improves both of your fitness levels, and therefore you will see a huge transformation, due to continued commitment. Whether you team up with a colleague on your lunch break, a partner or a friend, starting this routine together will do you both wonders.

The Kohler Effect

This refers to exercising with a friend/partner or within a group. When working within this dynamic no one wants to be the weakest link of the group. Therefore, the weaker individual will train at a higher level which means their fitness and performance is increased a great deal.

Full Body Fat Burning Routine: 30 minutes

We have designed this workout for partners, , to train at your highest intensity and ensure maximal results. So, grab a friend and give it a go.

Begin with a 5 minute warm-up.

Cardio Element: you will do 30 seconds work followed by 15 seconds active rest (jogging on the spot). Remember to alternate each exercise, with your partner. Repeat each section twice and take a small break in between. Stop watches at the ready!

First Cardio Phase

  • 30s – Jumping Squats, 15s – Jog
  • 30s – Lunging Walks, 15s – Jog
  • Repeat

Second Cardio Phase

  • 30s – Star Jumps, 15s – Jog
  • 30s – Ice Skaters, 15s – Jog
  • Repeat

Third Cardio Phase

  • 30s – High Knees, 15s – Jog
  • 30s – Heel Kicks, 15s – Jog
  • Repeat

Now your heart will be pumping and your muscles will be warm, it’s time to do some conditioning and toning. Here we will take a full body approach and will be targeting all of the main muscle groups.

Toning Element: We will be doing 15 Reps each, and will complete this circuit 3 times.

  1. Plank High 5s! – Both take up a high plank position on your hands, facing each other. You will then lift one hand and high 5 in the middle. Your palms should be flat on the floor, when in the plank position and your wrists should be directly beneath your shoulders.
  2. Table Top Foot Taps – Both take a table-top position, lifting your glutes as high as you can go. ou will then lift one leg and tap your partner’s foot with your foot. You will be alternating each foot.
  3. Sit Up High 5s – You will both be in a sit up position with your toes touching. You will then do a sit up and high 5!
  4. Support Squat Side 5s – You will both stand back to back and then take up a squat position, keeping your knees at a 90 degree angle and using your partner as your support. You will then twist and high 5 each side.

Working together is all about encouraging and motivating each other to push yourselves to your limit!

Video/Photograph your workouts and tag us on instagram so we can see your progress.