We’ve all been there, Jan 1st and you think now is a great time to change the way you live. You set your resolutions and you feel empowered that this year is going to be different.…..But then life starts again after the New Year break, it’s dark, it’s cold, it’s rainy, so you decide to skip a day just this once, then the next day a meeting runs late, then you get ill, then you feel too tired, then, then, then. According to Forbes studies have shown that less than 25% of people stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days and only 8% accomplish them. 

Fitness Resolutions – change your mindset!

The Statistic Brain Research Institute found that 21% of people cite losing weight or eating healthier as their New Year’s resolution. To help quick start your resolutions here are some examples of fitness/health resolutions which don’t have a negative implication to them:

  • Toning up 

  • Making my body happy and healthy 

  • Listening to what my body needs 

  • Lifestyle change 

Changing your mindset about your goals it can help you to create positive affirmations around it which may, in turn, make you actually want to reach your goal. These terms also don’t have a deadline, they can be every lasting so you can focus on what your body needs. 

Why should I start now?

Waiting till Jan 1st can actually make your goals harder to achieve as you may feel low after the Christmas buzz or be demotivated due to the weather. By starting your fitness goals now you will have strategies to avoid overeating and binging during the Christmas period making your goals easier to achieve and will help them be sustainable. 

How can we help?

We can help you reach your ‘not so new-year resolutions’. By hiring a personal training you can schedule your workouts around your busy schedule which will be important in the run-up to Christmas as you may have endless amounts of Christmas shopping, party planning, and social events to go to. Motivate PT work around you and your schedule, we can train anywhere, anytime. So why not get a head start on your new year resolutions and have people wondering how you’ve managed to look good throughout the Christmas period.