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Boxing & Boxercise

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Boxing Personal Training

If you thought that boxing was only for tough guys then you’re wrong. In fact we normally find that it is our female clients who enjoy boxing the most! As one of the most effective forms of cross-training available today, Boxercise (or cardio boxing) is both safe, effective and fun for those of all ages and abilities. A highly energetic form of exercise, cardio boxing workouts are guaranteed to not only burn massive amounts of calories but to get anyone into the best physical shape of their lives! It is little wonder then, that it has become one of the most popular fitness disciplines amongst our clients.

Our boxing personal trainers are qualified and experienced boxing, or boxercise™ instructors and can develop bespoke programs based upon your ability that will stimulate all muscle groups whilst providing an incredible stress-busting cardio workout. Clients can choose to incorporate boxing training into a normal workout or can have an entire 60 minute training session built around a boxing circuit.

Incorporating the use of hook and jab pads, kick pads and strike shields, a typical cardio boxing training session will improve every type of physical capacity: stamina, power, balance, strength, coordination, fitness and endurance. Add to this boxing training drills based upon medicine balls, powerbags, jump ropes, callisthenics and sprints and you will be amazed at just how fun and addictive boxing training can be.

As ever, we will provide all the boxing and other additional equipment you need for each and every session and of course, we will bring it directly to you!

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