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Personal Training Bayswater

Our personal trainers have the knowledge and experience to help you tone up the areas you want and lose weight by concentrating on exercise programs that work. If you’ve previously exercised in a gym and seen little progress you are not alone. Most people who exercise on their own either don’t do the right exercises or simply don’t work at the correct intensity to see changes. Your personal trainer will help you to train in the correct way so you see changes within just a few weeks.

Personal training sessions are certainly very different from anything you may have experienced before. You will using equipment that our personal trainers all use to exercise themselves. You’ll start hitting muscles you may not have used for years and the result will be a cardio workout that will start to sculpt your whole body without the boredom of exercising in the gym. Get ready for a brand new you!

As touched on above, the flexibility of mobile personal training that we offer means that you can exercise anywhere in Bayswater including home, work, or the outdoors such as Hyde Park. You are not confined to just one place, nor even to training on your own. You can share your session with someone else and get double the motivation for the same price (meaning that you can effectively halve the cost for yourself!) Many of our clients’ workout with friends and partners. Your personal trainer can train you both together so you can get fit and keep each other motivated along the way!

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Bayswater, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

Our goal is to cater to clients who despise going to the gym, and find it demotivating to add a workout to their working week.

We are here to make exercise accessible, at a time and place that suits you, so you avoid the hassle of going to the gym, and will not lack the motivation to push through your workout. This is because we ensure your workouts are fun and motivational throughout!

Our personal trainers are available from as early as 6.00am to sessions as late as 9.30pm, 7-days-a-week and can train you anywhere, including your home, workplace or even outdoors in the plethora of open greenery available.

Our trainers are specifically chosen based on their knowledge, their qualifications and their years of experience in their specialist fields, through working with clients of all ages and abilities.

We begin by offering all clients a completely free personal training consultation with our assigned trainer in your area, in which you can discuss your goals and requirements in further detail.

This is immediately followed by a free 30 minute taster session, as part of the same visit, allowing you to sample mobile personal training at no expense and at no obligation whatsoever to continue. So you really have nothing to lose!

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