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We believe in delivering a highly-tailored and personal service direct to your door making exercise fit into your lifestyle with minimum hassle, so you can achieve the goals you have hoped for. Once you begin to improve and progress early on, exercise will quickly form a habit, as you seek to improve further and test yourself week after week.

Our London personal trainers will come to your home or meet you locally in an outdoor space, such as Green Park, at a time that suits your schedule and will provide you with the tools, the education and support you need to see real results fast. We will keep you motivated every step of the way, and encourage you to take-away key fitness tips so you can learn to train outside the sessions as well (so in time you can be self-sufficient)! We are renowned in the Industry for our motivational training style which can get even the most exercise-adverse client energised for a great workout.

To get started all you need to do is provide some basic details in our online form and you will receive a free call-back from one of our friendly team. They will talk you through the information you have provided and they will organise your first session for you. Our personal trainers in Westminster will meet you in a location of your choice and they will develop a long term plan to help you work steadily and safely towards your training goals.

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We help individuals and companies in Westminster, to make working-out a part of their working week.

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

We provide at-home personal training every day of the week, from early morning to late evening; so are confident in finding a time for all.

Should you prefer outdoor trainer, Green Park is one of our main training sites and is an easy to reach central location that works for both commuters who have offices in the area, and residents of Westminster.

Our personal trainers understand how to develop nutritional plans that will help you to stick to a healthy, low fat diet that is full of nutrients and that will perfectly complement an active lifestyle.

This is an additional service, as well as ongoing exercise tips, provided by MotivatePT to all of our clients in Westminster at no additional cost!

We are highly committed to providing an exceptional service to our clients from start to finish, which is why you will receive a complimentary training session right from the very outset.

This first session will last one hour long and it will involve both an in depth consultation as well as the chance to sample one of our training sessions.

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