Our incredible clients & their fitness journeys

Personal Stories

My trainer is exactly what I wanted in a PT: on time and very professional. He always listens to what I say/want and then makes suggestions, he also explains to me why he makes these suggestions rather than just getting me to do something. He always makes sure that I am doing my exercises properly, i.e. posture etc. Training with him over the last two months has allowed me to strengthen my running and the pain in my knees has reduced so much. I really enjoy training, we can have a joke and be serious at the same time, and this is the balance I needed. Thank you again for the service *

Ilford, London

Me and my partner are using MotivatePT for different reasons but we are both equally happy! I had a 2 different pregnancy trainers and they were both amazing. Both girls paid attention to my pregnancy health and made my sessions interesting. My partner has a trainer to get him in good shape and he someone who listens to what you require and nicely adapts to it. We both like that we can have our sessions in time and location that works for us. Hannah from the office is amazing as well. She always quickly deal with all my enquiries and questions! In overall, I can’t recommend MotivatePT enough! *

Joanna & Louis
South London

I started training 2-3 times a week only a month ago, and I am feeling like I have made really amazing progress. I have more energy, and feel stronger, fitter, more powerful and I feel I am gaining strength after every session. My trainer Harold always comes with all the equipment we need to have a session tailored towards my needs, and as a busy mum I really value the convenience of having him come to meet me rather than dragging myself out to the gym. I have dropped a dress size, but more importantly, I find myself really looking forward to my sessions, even when they exhaust me. *

Deborah Barker
Victoria, London

With our busy work schedules, we were finding it hard to fit exercise into our lives. Everyday there was a different excuse and we were starting to feel lethargic and unhealthy. Since finding MotivatePT, our lives have transformed. We were matched with the perfect trainer who took the time to understand what we wanted. He meets us twice a week and devised a plan to match both our needs, making it fun and enjoyable. We feel fitter, happier and more confident – and we’ve even started to look forward to exercise! I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. *

Sophie & Ben
London Fields

As soon as I had my first taster session I knew I’d stick with it as the one to one training was addictive! The diverse range of exercises gives you a chance to try everything and not knowing what’s lined up for your next session keeps it interesting! Aside from the exercise the meal plan and nutritional side of getting fit is completely tailored to you as an individual and keeps you on track when you’re not training. *

Charlotte Downham
Tooting Bec Common

I am really enjoying my sessions with my trainer Hilary, she’s fantastic; she motivates and encourages me to push myself which is exactly what I needed. I am seeing some definite improvements in my health and my confidence has skyrocketed, I’m really excited to be making such great progress.  I can see myself sticking with MotivaetPT for a long time, setting new and more exciting goals for the future – don’t know what I would’ve done without her. Thank you for sending her my way! *

Almarni Khan
South London

Being busy with work and family life I was finding it hard to find the time to do any form of exercise. I contacted MotivatePT and spoke with Hannah who has been so lovely from the minute I spoke with her. She matched me with the personal trainer for my needs and had my first taster session. I have since enjoyed every session and the trainer is very accommodating very friendly and also pushes you to go that little bit further. I noticed straight away that I felt I had more energy and feel like I am getting stronger week by week. I always look forward to the next session even if I am tired from the day at work. *

Serina Mistry

I’m feeling fitter, stronger and full of life! Not bad for a female in her mid-40’s who was out of shape and condition! Then I approached MotivatePT– what a difference my personal trainer has made! First class trainer, he listens, he motivates, he inspires and sometimes he’s even funny. Everything you want in a Personal Trainer. *

Amanda Laubscher
Green Park

Having trained for years i knew there was something more required to break my fitness plateau, MotivatePT was the key! I reduced my body fat and now I’m more focused, committed to getting fitter. I know i could not have done it without MotivatePT. I would have no hesitation in recommending MotivatePT to anyone who has tried to lose weight before and struggled or just need a boost to get fitter. The guidance, support and motivation they offer is second to none. *

Serj Padden
Green Park

MotivatePT picked somebody who was very well matched with my personality. I was impressed with their processes and the time they took to make sure I was happy. The PT himself was great and he looked at the wider picture in terms of health and eating, and this was particularly transformational. The sessions weren’t just the usual exercise class. My trainer did a lot of the session with me, motivating me constantly and correcting form to avoid injury. I have now recommended them to my company also. *

Rik Lit
Ladbroke Grove

I decided to go with MotivatePT as I was impressed with not only the experience and knowledge of the trainer, but also his confidence and reassuring way he laid out a plan of how best I could achieve my goals. I definitely got the ‘weight loss bug’ just a few sessions in when I started to notice results. The sessions offered were often intense but always very enjoyable. After 30 sessions I have lost 2 stone and now feel that I have the skills and knowledge to maintain a healthy lifestyle. *

Steve Nagle

* Results may vary based on each member’s physical health, diet and exercise, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.

Company Stories

Once a week it is so nice to get out of the office and exercise – it relieves stress and helps motivate me in the office. I think the most important part is the team building that has developed. I have found connections with folks from the office I would likely have never had the same interaction with otherwise. There has been a bond that forms, that positively impacts work. *

Christina Mazurowski
Sr Recruiter / RG/A

I enjoy having a dynamic and fun routine that I can do at lunch time and having a break from work to keep me healthy and fit. Fitness is important because it makes me feel good, more concentrated and active…It also provides a healthy activity to share with colleagues, and promotes well-being within the company. *

Anthony Baker
Technology Director / RG/A

Felt energised for the day and more awake than if I’d woken up an hour later and drunk a large costa with a triple shot. Very enjoyable and super glad we’d done it once we were back in the office. A good level of fun and well balanced so everyone could take part with different levels of fitness. *

Sam Winter
Operations / Bulb

Lettie, our MotivatePT Trainer was very popular and kept us all motivated whilst also keeping the class fun. She catered exercises to our needs depending on injuries or ability. Shem who also trained us from MotivatePT, had a great energy and was really good at pushing us to our limit (in a good way!) *

Holly Harris
Gaming Realms

A huge thank you to MotivatePT and a special mention to Sonny & Aaron who had excellent customer service skills and went that extra mile to make everyone feel included. *


Our trainer was super friendly, entertaining and seems to know his stuff! I left the session feeling refreshed. *

Roddy Taylor

MotivatePT are amazing – they deliver high energy high impact training sessions with great personal service. They can get you up and exercising anywhere and make sure you understand how to get the most out of your body. I would highly recommend them.

Bethany Parsons

* Results may vary based on each member’s physical health, diet and exercise, and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.