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Bespoke Company Solutions

We like to keep our wellness programmes engaging, fun and most importantly – human!

We work with a very talented team of individuals that we trust and that are qualified to the highest standards. The menu of our offering is vast, but our in-house wellness experts will help you to consolidate it to a list that works for your office!

What solutions can we offer?

MotivatePT strive to create a holistic wellness programme for every company that we work with.


We deliver on-site fitness classes for group sizes of up to 20 on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Our classes include:

  • The Energiser: a high intensity, fun, sweaty workout designed to challenge, get heart rates up and break the sedentary routine that most office workers face.
  • Or The Relax: an opportunity to unwind, breathe, stretch and release any stress the body may be holding onto during the working week.
  • The 45-minute classes are designed specifically to counteract the effects of being seated at a desk all day. Our sessions encourage team bonding and a more productive mindset.

We can also offer Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, Body Conditioning, and Pregnancy Fitness Classes.

Our Fitness Offering:

  • 45 minute weekly or bi-weekly classes
  • Competitive Sports
  • Company ‘Sports Days’
  • 1-1 Personal Trainer Assessments On Site
  • 1-1 Personal Training Sessions


Nutrition is an area that we are incredibly passionate about. The stress in corporate environments can lead to overeating and the presence of unhealthy food on the office floor can lead to temptations that are simply too difficult to resist. Topics that we cover are bespoke to the firm, once we have an understanding of what is relevant.

We can offer

  • Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • Small Focus Groups
  • 1-1 Nutrition Assessment
  • Food Preparation Masterclasses

Examples of popular topics

  • Game-changing brain power foods
  • Refuel without sugar/caffeine
  • Food and lifestyle power sleep strategies

We can also organise healthy food deliveries to the office to support our seminars and bring the ideas discussed to ‘life’. We like to keep our programmes practical and applicable to your employees’ everyday life.

Stress and Mental Wellbeing 

No wellbeing programme is complete without addressing the mind also. A fitter lifestyle and more wholesome food will naturally make your employees feel better. We can also offer classes that focus on meditation, increasing productivity, stress management strategies and more recently we have introduced female specific workshops.

We can offer:

  • Lunch and Learn Seminars
  • 1-1 Appointments
  • Corporate Massage
  • Small Focus Groups

Our Team

You will always have access to the in house team as well as a large network of specialists

Kira MotivatePT

Kira graduated from the London School of Economics with an Economics degree. She always had a natural flair for business but followed the corporate path after graduating, working in both Advertising and Wealth Management.

She ended up leaning on fitness as a way to keep her energy levels up for the long working days, and as a way to counteract these high-stress corporate environments.

Eventually, in 2015 she decided to take the leap from employee to entrepreneur and retrained as a personal trainer. Combining her passion for fitness and business, Kira has been running and growing MotivatePT for the past three years. MotivatePT is a leading personal training brand in London, with a team of over 50 personal trainers.

Our Company Nutritionists

_ Severine Menem

Severine – DipNT mBANT rCNHC.

Enrolled in Naturopathic Nutrition at CNM in London and qualified as a Nutritional Therapist three years later. Now a member of BANT and registered with CNHC.

Marcelle Nutritionist London

Marcelle – DipNT mBANT

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, fully registered with the CNHC and a full member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy).

Sharon Nutritionist

Sharon – dipN, SACdip, FNTP, Nutritionist.

Holds an Advanced Diploma in Diet and Nutrition plus a Diploma in Psychology

Some of Our Company Trainers

Mustafa Square
Shania Square
Lettie Square
Ruth Square
Harold Square

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