Do Detox Drinks Work?

Do Detox Drinks Work?

It’s January, and your body is dealing with the aftermath of the Christmas holidays. After all the indulgence (mmm, remember that double-layered chocolate pudding…?), you’re ready to start feeling fit and healthy again and you’re wondering what is the best detox drink to flush your system of the excess of the past couple of months.

Detox drinks are everywhere. And, as with every advertising campaign, every health company claims to have the best detox drink on the market. As well as getting rid of all of those harmful toxins in your body, detox drinks are often said to bring added benefits such as weight loss and immunity support.
It all sounds pretty fantastic “on paper”. But do detox drinks actually work? Does a 3 day detox help you lose weight? Exactly what removes toxins from your body?

You’re not the first person to ask these questions, so let’s take a look at detoxing in a little more detail…

What Detoxing means 

Detoxing is certainly a real thing, but it’s usually used in substances rehabilitation programmes to rid the body of alcohol and other dangerous drugs. The term “detox”, however, has become a popular buzzword in the “health” world. In fact, it’s a multibillion-pound industry made up of cleanses, juices, supplements and extreme measures to rid our bodies of toxins The detoxes most of us have heard of are usually based on the idea that we need to periodically flush our system of “toxic waste” to stay healthy. If you’ve been looking for the best detox drink, you’ve probably come across heaps of advertising that claims that such products can help with all sorts of health issues ranging from headaches to depression.

Do detox drinks really work? 

Let’s start on a positive note; most reputable detox drinks are made up of 100% natural ingredients, which help to provide hydration, vitamins and minerals. So if you’re wondering whether detox drinks are safe, most of them are perfectly healthy.

But (and this is a big “but”!)

Relying on even the best detox drink for your daily energy and calories can be extremely dangerous.

Here’s the problem:

When you replace healthy meals with detox body drinks, you often end up depriving your body of essential calories, which can cause it to produce added chemicals called ketones. The build-up of these ketones can result in unpleasant side effects such as nausea, dehydration, weakness, irritability and lightheadedness
Now that doesn’t sound as fantastic as the benefits promised in the adverts for the “best detox drink”!

Many health professionals claim that the human body is quite capable of detoxifying itself (aren’t we clever!?) and if you had accumulated too many harmful toxins from day to day life, then you would feel extremely ill! With that being said, consuming the best detox drinks and following a healthy, balanced diet could provide your body with added nourishment and encourage your body’s natural detoxification abilities. Instead of wondering what drinks detox your body, it’s a good idea to start asking what drinks are healthy for your body.

What is the best detox drink? 

Before you start googling “do detox drinks work for weight loss?” or “do detox drinks work for alcohol?”, it’s important to be aware that while most detox drinks are healthy, some may contain laxatives or other harmful ingredients. Always check the labels for ingredients and be particularly careful about purchasing products over social media or from non-reputable online companies.
Here are some naturally healthy drinks that can help to support your body’s detoxification processes:

1. Smoothies 

If you like smoothies, then you’ve got the best detox drink (at least in our opinion!) at your disposal. When you drink them as part of a healthy diet, smoothies are a brilliant way to fill your body with lots of plant-based nutrients.

Simply drinking a healthy breakfast smoothie here and there can supply your body with plenty of vitamins and nutrients that will help it to remove any toxins from your body and also help your other body processes run smoothly (or should we say “smoothie”?).

When making your smoothie, try to choose lots of leafy greens with your favourite veggies. You can also add some oats, milk or yoghurts. Aloe vera, kale and blueberry is one of our favourites! Delicious!

2. Teas 

Did you know that a good cuppa (not the type with two sugars!) is linked to various detoxing health benefits? Green tea is actually one of the best detox drinks and has been proven to help people maintain a healthy weight by boosting metabolism and fat oxidation. Ginger tea is another example of a naturally healthy drink. It may not detoxify, but it is well known for supporting digestion and calming nausea.

Do detox drinks work for weight loss? Put it this way, without added sugar or honey, herbal teas contain zero calories, so they’re certainly an option if you’re hoping to squeeze back into those pre-Christmas jeans! The next time you’re about to reach for a sugary, chemical-laden drink, opt for a hydrating cup of herbal tea instead. Your body will thank you for it!

3. Lemon Water 

You’ve no doubt heard the benefits of drinking enough water a billion times before, but were you aware that lemon water is one of the healthiest drinks you can consume?. If you’re wondering what drinks detox your body, lemon water is up there with the top runners. This super-drink quickly hydrates your body following your overnight fast and tops up your vitamin C levels. The acid from the lemons also helps your body to digest your breakfast.

Usually rely on a strong coffee in the mornings to get you pumped up for the day? Try lemon water instead.

4. Watermelon Mint water 

Like the idea of losing weight, lowering your blood pressure and improving your digestive system? This powerful detox cocktail is one to add to your “to drink” list!.
You can easily whip up this delicious bevvie by infusing water, watermelon, mint, lemon, and ginger for a few hours. When it’s ready, you’ll have a wonderfully hydrating sipper that is super kind to your body. Oh.. and the fact that it tastes like summertime of course makes it a solid contender for the best detox drink ever!.

5. Beet Juices 

If you’ve googled what drinks detox your body, you’ve probably come across this magic little recipe. Made from beets, ginger, carrots, apple, lemon, and coconut water, this electrolyte-boosting concoction is overflowing with healthy nutrients that promote your body’s detoxification processes. This drink is super satisfying too, which is always a bonus!

Our overall verdict 

Our bodies are incredible machines and our kidneys and liver are quite capable of filtering and getting rid of most of the toxins we ingest. Eating and drinking a healthy diet – consisting of vitamins, minerals, proteins and fat (which healthy drinks can help provide) is usually enough to support our bodies’ natural detoxification abilities.

Here’s to good health today, tomorrow and always!

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