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Our industry-renown, team of qualified personal trainers will come to you, and guide you each step of the way in reaching and surpassing your desired health and fitness goals, quickly and highly effectively. Whether you want to lose pounds, increased your muscle tone, or improve your overall health and fitness, our trainers will create a fully bespoke program based around you and your motivations that will get you there. On top of this, we continually offer meal plans and nutritional advice which you can follow in between sessions, to ensure you progress in between our sessions and maintain the positive results for the longer term. We begin by offering all interested clients in Stratford a free at-home consultation with an expert personal trainer, following by a free 30 minute taster session as part of the same visit.

(1) Free At-Home Consultation: This allows you to meet with the personal trainer we feel best meets with your training requirements and training preferences, and to discuss you fitness goals and motivations in further detail. It will also provide our trainer with the information they require to formulate a workout program for you

(2) Free Taster Session: You will be guided through a 30 minute workout so you can trial mobile personal training at your home or outdoors in a park, and also sample the workouts and exercises our trainer will be looking to adopt as part of your program.

Our Approach

We help individuals and companies in Stratford, to make working-out a part of their working week.

How It Works

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We help you to fall in love with fitness

We aim to add variation to each workout but using a wide array of equipment required for each class, which our trainer will accompany with them to every session.

By frequently introducing you to new forms of exercise and techniques, you will find the sessions enjoyable and challenging, ensuring that you do not lose interest, remain inspired and learn tricks and techniques you can adopt on your own for the future.

Our whole mantra is making training accessible to you and your schedule. This means that we will work around your week so you can train at a time you want!

Our service is fully mobile which means they come to your home or to a local open space in which to train you, and will also bring all the fitness equipment required for each session.

Our personal trainers have to undergo a strict hiring process and they are chosen based on excellent credentials, great previous experience and because they are personable.

Our talented team are used to working with all types of clients. This ranges from the elderly to the young to those that have suffered an injury. We will adapt our workouts to suit you and your situation.

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