Exercise Ball Workout

Exercise Ball Workout

Are you bored with your usual exercise routine? Are you not seeing results? Then try MotivatePT’s exercise ball workout! There is a lot of different fitness equipment available, but the swiss ball will work your entire body. Because the ball is unstable, this means that your body has to work harder to stabilise itself. As a result, you’ll naturally be engaging all of your muscles, which will build strength and improve your stability. Before any workout, it’s important to warm up to prepare your muscles for work and to help prevent DOMS.

The Wall Squat
Begin by place the ball into the lower curve of your back and the other side against a wall.
Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart and place them a little further forward than your body.
Begin to squat down making sure that your shoulders and hips stay inline and your knees do not go past your toes.
Sink as low as you go and then extend to the starting position, and repeat.
The Hamstring Curl
Begin by laying on the ground with the ball resting underneath your calves.
Lift your bum and lower back off of the ground with your arms out straight for support.
With your hips raised, bend your knees so that the ball will roll towards your body and your feet will become flat on the ball.
Return your legs to the starting position and repeat.
Knee Tuck
Begin in a high plank position with the front of your lower legs on the ball.
Keeping your core and abdominals tight bring your knees underneath your body so that the ball rolls forward and is also beneath you.
Then, extend & push your legs backwards so that you are in the starting position, and repeat.
Start on your knees with the ball in front of you, clasp your hands together with your elbows out wide and place them in the centre of the ball.
Engage your core and step one foot backwards at a time so that you are in a plank position.
It’s important to ensure that your back is straight, and hold this position for 30 seconds or more.
Begin by placing your hands slightly wider than shoulder-width apart on the ball.
You may only be able to perform this exercise on your knees, once you become stronger you can then progress to performing the push up on the ball on your toes.
Either extend your lower body so you are either on your knees or on your toes.
Then lower your upper body towards the ball by bending your elbows. Then extend your elbows so that your body returns to the starting position, and repeat.
Tricep Dips
Start by standing in front of the ball, place your hands on the ball behind you.
Bend your knees and lean into the exercise ball, keeping your elbows bent.
Lower your body towards the floor by bending your elbows.
Then, straighten your elbows so that you being in the starting position, and repeat.
Complete 10 repetitions of each exercise.

Complete the circuit 3-5 times.

Complete this workout 3-4 times a week.

Add on repetitions as you become stronger.

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