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Our Plans

How many sessions do I need to do weekly?

If you purchase a subscription you can get through your chosen number of sessions within a month at whatever frequency you wish. But the best way to get results is to commit, and if you don’t use them you lose them. This is one of the best motivators to get clients into a new rhythm and routine with their training and helps achieve the most amazing results.

If you buy a block, you can use the sessions as frequently as you like, within the expiry time frame.

Can I stop or pause my subscription?

Yes. The subscriptions are for an initial, minimum period of three full calendar months. (A calendar month is from the 1st to the end of the month). So as an example, if you sign up on the 14th of August, the minimum term is until the end of November.

We need to work with you for a minimum time frame to work towards those goals and we don’t want you to give up early. If you need to cancel after three months, you can find this option on your portal.

We can pause a subscription for up to 3 months for medical reasons or post-natal recovery. For all other customers we offer a maximum of 2 months pause per calendar year (outside of the 3 month minimum term). You cannot cancel an active plan whilst it is paused.

Is there an expiry if I purchase a block of sessions?

10 sessions: 3 months expiry from the date of the 1st session
20 sessions: 6 months expiry from the date of the 1st session
30 sessions: 9 months expiry from the date of the 1st session

What is the difference between online and in-person sessions?

Both options will take place with one assigned trainer who will take you all the way through your Motivate fitness journey.

  • Online personal training sessions are held over Zoom and are 45 minutes long.
  • In-Person personal training sessions take place at your home, garden or outdoors and are 60 minutes long. We are only able to cover this service in London, so please do use the postcode finder to run a check.

Pricing can be found here.

Can I achieve the same results online as in person?

Yes absolutely! With all of our training plans, you get out of the sessions exactly what you put in. We are going to work you just as hard during your online personal training sessions as we would if they were in person. With no travel involved, no weather restrictions, and less time required, you may find this to be a perfect solution for you.

What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any point after the 3 full calendar month term. If you cancel on or before the 14th of any month (the half-way point) it will be actioned for the end of the month. If you cancel in the second half of the month it will be cancelled at the end of the following month.

Is there flexibility with my subscription?

Yes! We are excited to tell you that after month 1 of your subscription you can scale your monthly sessions up and down using the ‘Upgrade’ function on your portal. Want to put in more work as you have a holiday upcoming? Move up to 12 sessions? Need to scale down as you are travelling? Move down to 4 sessions. Our plans work with you and your lifestyle.

My Trainer

How do you match me to a trainer?

We believe the Motivate Matching Process to be the most important thing, and this is why this will always be a human effort. We look at all of the information provided to make a suitable match to one of our fitness professionals.

What happens if my trainer is away or unavailable?

If your trainer is away for a period of time that will affect your training, we will reassign a replacement fitness trainer so that your sessions and goals are not interrupted. We will always be on hand to help things run smoothly.

What if I don’t like the trainer assigned to me?

All you have to do is pick up the phone or email us, and we can transfer your credits to another trainer. We thrive when we have happy clients, so we will do our utmost to get the match right for you!

What qualifications do your trainers hold?

All of our Personal Trainers are Level 3 qualified and have a high level of experience. We select our trainers very carefully and they must match our values of professionalism, exceptional service and passion for the job. We have done the hard job of building the right team, so that you can enjoy the benefits of working with a fantastic PT! Read more about our team here.

What happens if you can’t match me to a trainer?

If we can’t match you to a trainer, we will be in touch to let you know and refund any trial fee that has been paid. Luckily this doesn’t happen too often as our team is so diverse and broad.

Payments & Billing

What is your cancellation policy, if I need to change or cancel a session?

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. So if you need to reschedule, just contact your trainer outside of 24 hours and your session will be cancelled or moved. This is to ensure trainers can rebook another client if they need to with ample time to do so.

What are your prices and plans?

My Sessions

I don’t have any at home equipment. Is that a problem?

Not at all. It makes sense to start with bodyweight exercises in many cases, so that your trainer can properly assess your fitness level. If we think equipment might provide some benefit, we will suggest accordingly and give some recommendations on affordable options. However, it will always be your decision.

How do I book sessions?

You can book sessions by contacting your trainer, who will log them in the schedule in your portal.

Where does my in-person session take place?

In person sessions can take place at a park close to your home, in your garden, at your workplace or at your home (be it your living room or a private residential gym). We do not operate in public gyms or any other facilities.

Can my partner or friend join my session?

Yes! The good news is that as a company we operate a policy whereby 2 people can train at the same cost as 1 person. Why? Because if it gives you the extra accountability and motivation you need to show up and hit those fitness goals, then we are game! All we ask is that you consider your fitness goals with your partner/friend. If they are wildly different then naturally it is difficult for a personal trainer to accommodate you both in the same session and you may get more benefit training solo.

My Pregnancy

I am a pregnancy client. What happens to my programme when I give birth?

Please reach out to us and we can pause your plan for up to 3 full months. You can restart at any point within that period. We may ask you to get a GP sign-off letter if you had a difficult pregnancy or delivery. Read more about our pregnancy programmes here.

I am pregnant. Can I start training straight away?

In short, yes! We start working with clients from 5 weeks all the way through to their due date. Your consultation will cover your medical history and health and we may also ask about any previous pregnancies to make sure we have a clear and full picture before we start your pregnancy fitness programme. If we feel it is necessary, we may ask for a GP letter.

Are your trainers pregnancy specialists?

If you are pre or post-natal then our team will automatically match you to one of our pregnancy specialists. Our pregnancy fitness experts hold the additional qualification and have the adequate experience to join our team, so you are in safe hands.

I have just had a baby. When can I start training again?

We are very used to working with pregnancy clients and we know that recovery times can vary. If you have a normal delivery then you will most likely need a 4-6 week break before you can resume your fitness sessions. If you have had a C-Section you may need anywhere from 6 weeks to 3 months before you feel ready. In both instances, please reach out to us so we can arrange to keep any remaining sessions safe and pause your subscription. In most cases, we can even pair you with the same trainer, who will know you, your body and your pregnancy fitness journey well.

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