How to Manifest Your Dreams

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How to Manifest Your Dreams

Manifestation techniques that actually work

Be assured by knowing that manifestation has NOTHING to do with your conscious thoughts and EVERYTHING to do with your subsconscious mind. Negative thoughts, although unproductive and unpleasant, are not necessarily going to manifest into your reality. This is outdated manifestation rhetoric that you do not need to take with you into 2024.

Your subconscious beliefs are what ultimately determine your conscious thoughts and actions, and are what determine the life you live. This means that manifestation is happening whether you like it or not, and whether you are intentional about it or not. The majority of your experiences, however mundane or neutral to you, are manifestations. So, you might as well get in the driver’s seat.

Let’s leave the spiritual bypassing behind, honour what you are really feeling, and get on with creating the life you really want with manifestation techniques that actually work.

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Unpacking manifestation

The Oxford Dictionary defines manifestation as “an event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something abstract or theoretical”. Put simply, manifestation is the unfolding of your life.


The Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction is a term thrown around a lot in the world of manifestation. It is the concept that your thoughts attract your experiences. But, don’t be misled by this!

You manifest based on your subsconscious beliefs, NOT your conscious thoughts. So for example, if you attempt to practice ‘positive affirmations’ in an attempt to manifest, for example by repeatng “I have my ideal body” to yourself, but deep down, you actually have a very wounded relationship with your body, that latter is the experience you will manifest.

This is why to manifest, you need to change your subsconcious thought patterns. This is much simpler than it sounds, although it does require some conscious effort, especially in the beginning! It can be very uncomfortable, but it is oh-so simple and OH-SO WORTH IT. Stick with this, and your tolerance for uncomfortability will increase!


Manifestation techniques that actually work

Recognise the ways you are holding yourself back

Recognise your limiting beliefs, replace them with ones that support your goals, and PRACTICE THEM to strengthen your new neural pathways. The limiting beliefs you hold about yourself are holding you back from your manifestations.

‘Stream of consciousnesss journalling’, followed by intention and belief-setting

One proven way to access your subsconscious mind is to practice ‘stream of consciousness’ journalling. This is when you write freely whatever comes to mind, in no particular order, and without concern for sense-making, grammar or spelling. You can jump between topics, you can drop thoughts mid-sentence, and you can write lines that would not make sense to anyone else.

To give you some direction, you can set an intention before you start. For example, if you are manifesting being someone who sticks to their fitness routine, you can set the intention beforehand of discovering how you really feel about fitness, and yourself, deep down.

However, it is important that you don’t allow this to affect your stream of consciousness. Make sure you write whatever flows, even if you can’t see how it is related to your intention!

Meditations that use hypnosis techniques to uncover unconscious beliefs

Why does this work? Because as soon as you bring awareness to a subconscious belief, it has already lost A LOT of power. Replacing that belief, and acting differently to the way you would have before, are the next steps. There are many meditation techniques designed to help you access your unconscious mind. Let’s get into it below.

Get to know your inner child

In psychology, there is a concept that our child-self still lives inside of us, and often comes out when we feel intense emotions – like when we are very excited or very unhappy. This is really important for manifestation, because our childhood experiences, combined with our inherited beliefs, determine the worldview that we hold as adults. To a significant extent, our worldview influences, even determines, how our lives unfold.

For example, if you grew up considering yourself lazy and unsuccessful, you probably won’t stick to a fitness routine or have a job you love.

We love inner child meditations which help you connect with your inner child. Dr Nicole LePera, also known as The Holistic Psychologist, has done an an immense amount of work in this area. You can check her out on Instagram, her books ‘How to Be the Love You Seek’ and ‘How To Do The Work’, as well this fantastic inner child meditation – bring yourself home.

Do you really believe it is possible?

To manifest anything you need to actually believe it is possible. Have you seen to believe that what you want is possible?

Surround yourself with people who show your subsconcious mind that what you want is out there and available to you. As far as possible, find examples that you relate to. For example, if you struggle with your weight and want to manifest ending this cycle, you don’t just want to find a fitness influencer with impressive discipline, you want someone who really struggled with their weight too.

If you struggle with your relationship with food and want to heal this, you want to find someone who really struggled too, not just someone who shares delicious and healthy recipes on Instagram.

Action plan, but don’t overplan

Leave space for your subconscious wisdom. There is nothing like your gut instinct. If you overplan and try to control every aspect of what transpires, you are closing yourself off to other opportunities, pathways to your goals, and experiences.

You also need to leave space for your plans to change, for you to change, and for life to happen. Making one fixed plan in the beginning, and trying to stick to it no matter what, could actually derail or delay your manifestation. If you are particularly nervous about loosening up your plans, this post offers 7 simple tips to stop overplanning that we think are very gentle and effective!


If transforming your health and fitness lifestyle is what you are manifesting

In our post on personal goal setting that workswe talked about how ultimately, your identity determines your actions and behaviour. So, if you want health and fitness to be a bigger part of your life, you need to change your identity.

Have a real good look at the beliefs you hold about yourself, see which ones are limiting you, and how you can alter them. These need to be beliefs that you believe. Remember, you manifest from your subsconscious mind NOT your conscious thoughts. So, if you don’t believe them, they are not going to help you.

Positive affirmations only work if you believe them

For example, “I always give up on workouts” could become “I haven’t yet found a way to workout that really works for me, but I am prepared to explore and find this now”. This is believable, compassionate, and leaves space for exploration.

This would not be so helpful: “I stick to my workout routine no matter water”. This is unrealistic, leaves no room to learn about yourself, and lacks compassion. It is not condusive to your growth!



You manifest from your subconscious mind

Your worldview largely determines your reality and is created in childhood.  So, inner child work will help you manifest

You don’t need to be afraid that feeling negative emotions, or having negative thoughts, will manifest into your reality

Self-compassion and an openness learning about yourself is key to creating your dream life

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